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“Things Everlasting” – The concert on National Day

Updated at Monday, 28 Aug 2017, 16:32
The Hanoitimes - As usual, for over 6 years, at the exact 2:00 p.m on September 02 (the National Day of Vietnam), Vietnamese classic musical works will be performed in the annual national concert of Vietnamnet Online Newspaper “Dieu Con Mai” (Things Everlasting) at Hanoi Opera House.

Following the success of previous concerts, the event has become one of the most anticipated musical events of the occasion, with the participation of Vietnam Symphony Orchestra, conductor Le Phi Phi, popular artist such as Trong Tan, Dang Duong, Lan Anh, Thanh Lam, My Linh, Tung Duong.

The concert often begins with the national anthem of Vietnam, “Tien Quan Ca” (Marching Song). Through each performance, the national concert “Things Everlasting” is aimed to inspire patriotism among Vietnamese citizens, the love for the country and people, as well as to pay tribute to the previous generations, who devoted their youth and lives to the cause of national salvation.  

This 7th concert on September 02, 2017 ath the Hanoi Opera House will mark an special occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Vietnamnet Online Newspaper. As such, organizer has chosen some of the famous songs in the previous 7 concerts to be performed this time. 
The concert will be under the lead of conductor Le Phi Phi with the participation of people’s artists such as Ngo Hoang Quan, Tran Thi Mo, meritorious artist Bui Le Chi, along with other singers: Trong Tan, Dang Duong, Lan anh, Dao To Loan, Manh Dung, Diep Huong, the Vietnam symphony Orchestra. 

Among song chosen to be perform in this concert are some notable: Ca ngợi Tổ Quốc (Motherland by Hồ Bắc), Linh thiêng hồn dân tộc (Glorious Nation by Do Hong Quan), Ca ngợi Hồ Chủ Tịch (Praising President Ho Chi Minh by Van Cao), Mẹ yêu con (Mother loves son by Nguyen Van Ty), Hướng về Hà Nội (Love for Hanoi by Hoang Duong), Tình ca (Love song by Hoang Viet).

Singer Trong Tan is chosen to perform 2 songs, including Hồi tưởng (Remembering by Hoang Van)  and Tình em (My love by Huy Du). “In pop music or other kinds of music, it is easier for singer to perform. However, in the symphony with hundred members, one small mistake can have a big impact on the performance. The singer himself also cannot let the feeling get out of him, as he has to keep the balance” – Trong Tan said.

The Director of Vietnam Symphony Orchestra Nguyen Tri Dung added, in art performance, each kind of music has its own characteristic, so the organizers will try to introduce the best examples of each phase of the history of Vietnamese music in over 100 years.  

​The concert “Things Everlasting” 2017 will begin at 2.00 p.m on September 02 at the Hanoi Opera House and is broadcasted live on VTV1 channel on the same day. 
Thanh Loan - Ngoc Thuy
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