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The most popular Vietnam movies you should know

Updated at Tuesday, 16 May 2017, 20:36
The Hanoitimes - Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, Jailbait, Vengeful Heart… the best Vietnam movies ever you should know.
Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass (IMDB ratings: 8.0)
A scene in Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass.
A scene in Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass.
Tôi thấy hoa vàng trên cỏ xanh (Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass) is a 2015 Vietnamese film. It was adapted from same novel by Nguyen Nhat Anh. It was directed by Victor Vu, produced by Galaxy Media & Entertainment Saigon Concert, Phuong Nam Film, PS Vietnam and K+ Television channel.
It was premiere in Cannes Film Festival 2015 and released in theaters on 2 October 2015. The film was selected as the Vietnamese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.
With no shortage of sweeping takes of Vietnam’s lush countryside and ragged seaside cliffs, Yellow Flowers on Green Grass evokes a return to childhood through the story of two young brothers who share an inseparable, yet complicated and tumultuous bond. Jealousy erupts into violence when Thieu and Tuong compete for the attention and affection of a young girl who lives nearby, and the brothers’ once-endearing relationship turns into heated rivalry. Set in the mid-1980s in a poor countryside village, the film offers perspective on life in rural Central Vietnam before the country’s current economic boom.

Yellow Flowers on Green Grass captures the energy, dynamism and introspective storytelling of a society in transition. In addition, Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass was impression viewers with some great music, breathtaking camerawork, heart-warming rural scenes and cute child actors.
Em là bà nội của anh (Sweet 20) (IMDB ratings: 7.6)
A scene in Sweet 20.
A scene in Sweet 20.
Sweet 20 (Vietnamese: Em là bà nội của anh; lit. "You are my grandmother") is a 2015 Vietnamese comedy film directed by Phan Gia Nhat Linh and starring Miu Le, Hua Vi Van and Ngo Kien Huy. The directorial feature debut of the director, the film is a remake of the 2014 South Korean film Miss Granny. It was released in Vietnam on December 11, 2015. It became the highest-grossing Vietnamese film at the Vietnamese box office.

A 70 year old grandma sees failure in her life and goes to take her funeral photo before she becomes old and ugly. She awakes as the 20 year old young lady she was in her youth. Seeking to enjoy her second chance she goes out to do what she wants living her new life without regrets.
Vengeful Heart (IMDB ratings: 7.4)
A scene in Vengeful Heart.
A scene in Vengeful Heart.
Quả Tim Máu (Vengeful Heart) – another famous movie of director Victor Vu. The movie has broken many cinema records in Vietna, after just 3 days. Taking VND24 billion (US$1.14 million), equivalent to 300 thousand moviegoers, smashing records made by Amercian blockbusters like Avatar, Iron Man 2 and even Charlie Nguyen's Young Teo. It was nominated for Vietnam Golden Kite Award, considered the Vietnamese Oscar, for Best Feature.
Director Victor Vu said: “At first, when the information came, I couldn't believe my eyes and thought they had sent the wrong number. This number is really impressive, because I did not expect the audience to receive this movie so warmly. I would like to thank audiences for supporting this film”.

The thriller movie is about Linh, the recipient of a heart transplant, begins having nightmares and visions leading to a house in the remote countryside. She begins to believe that the previous owner of the heart, a former resident of the house, wants her to uncover the secrets of her death.
Em Chưa 18 (Jailbait) (IMDB ratings: 7.3)
A scene in Jailbait.
A scene in Jailbait.
After more than two weeks, Em Chưa 18 has secured the title of the biggest Vietnamese movie ever by grossing VND150 billion ($6.6 million), and counting.
Em chua 18 - a film of director Le Thanh Son, is rated C16 as it is deemed suitable for mature audiences only. A romantic comedy, Em chua 18 is a love triangle involving high school student Linh Dan, her boyfriend Tony and a Sai Gon playboy Hoang.
Linh Dan is in a relationship with Tony, a handsome sportsman who is every girl’s dream, including Yen. Trouble begins when Linh Dan spots Tony kissing Yen at a school party and decides to make him feel jealous and hurt for cheating and losing a girl like her.
She dresses up sexily to woo Hoang, has a one-night stand with him and then blackmails him into pretending to be her boyfriend under the threat that otherwise she would make public their sex video, which will get him into trouble as she is under 18.

The movie stars new actors Kieu Minh Tuan (Hoang), Tony (Will from 365 music band), Chau Bui (Yen) and Kaity Nguyen (Linh Dan), who is 18 years old and moved to the US when she was 10. She is known for her online beauty videos and has no previous acting experience.
Để Mai Tính 2 (Let Hoi Decide) (IMDB ratings: 6.0)
A scene in Let Hoi Decide.
A scene in Let Hoi Decide.
Let Hoi Decide is a 2014 Vietnamese romantic comedy film directed by Charlie Nguyen. It is a sequel to Fool For Love (2009) and comedy actor Thai Hoa. It was co-produced by backed by South Korea's CJ Entertainment & Media and Vietnam's Chanh Phuong Films. The film was released on Dec. 12 in some 70 theaters and scored a record-breaking $268,000 opening day. By Dec. 30 it had accumulated $3.85 million, to overtake previous biggest film “Little Teo” (“Teo Em”).
The film presents a transgender Vietnamese businessman Hoi - who becomes poor every time he falls in love with someone. After his fool for love days, Hoi has settled in U.S, successful but still lonely. Hoi returns to Vietnam with a huge investment project, betting his entire fortune on it. However, the same fate awaits him in Vietnam. Hoi immediately loses his mojo when Nam stumbles into his life. At the same time, Hoi finds out that Nam is in Love with a wonderful girl named Thu Le while Thu Le is engaged to Son, her father’s business partner, in an arranged marriage. 
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