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Hanoians enjoy rock, hip-hop festival in Hanoi Creative City

Updated at Sunday, 17 Sep 2017, 12:36
The Hanoitimes - On September 16, a festival for fans of rock, hip-hop and street arts was be held at Hanoi Creative City.
A festival for fans of rock, hiphop and street arts was be held in Hanoi.
A festival for fans of rock, hiphop and street arts was be held in Hanoi.
School of Mosh 2017 is a festival dedicated to the young generation. The outdoor event, to run for a day, will be packed with activities such as live rock, hardcore, rap, beatbox, metal, hip-hop, and DJs, as well as street art performances including skateboarding, BMX, graffiti, and flea market vendors.
The event is the brainchild of First and Last Records founder, Todaka Koremoto, and was organized for the first time last year. This year’s festival promises to be even bigger. It has attracted bands from Thailand, Japan, and South Korea — and from throughout Việt Nam itself.
The festival will feature The Coastguards (melodic hardcore punk), Blindside (beatdown hardcore), Only The Last Song (chaotic hardcore punk), Drop Up 25 (pop punk) from Japan; 13 Steps (thrash/hardcore) from South Korea; and Monument X (old school hardcore punk) from Thailand.
The Vietnamese bands will include Sick Fellows, Proportions, Morning Waits, Windrunner, 18+, Yukemuri, Bloodshed, SinX and Razor Leaf. It is expected that more than 500 young people will converge on Hanoi Creative City to mosh out on the live music and activities.
It runs from 9 am to 10 pm at Hanoi Creative City, No1 Luong Yen Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. Hanoi Creative City is the 22-storey building stands out from afar thanks to its large dragon and feather tattoos created by German graffiti artist Julian Vogel, who was sponsored by Goethe Institut to come to Hanoi in April 2015 for the Sound Stuff Festival.
People come here to shop in one of Boo’s stylish fashion stores or other clothing shops.
There are also craft shops, a few cafes, many restaurants and an entertainment area called Dóo which occupies two floors of the building and offers a variety of activities including rock climbing, indoor golf, and kids playground, etc.
A well-equipped gym named Swequity takes up the whole of the 10th floor while the famous twins Thuy Hang & Thuy Hanh use the 13th floor for their model training center.
The most creative part of the complex is Nha San Collective located on the 15th floor, but there will be more with plans for an art center on the 5th floor managed by artist Trinh Minh Tien and the Tet Art’s team as well as a bar on top floor by composer Quoc Trung and the Monsoon Music Festival’s team. The Vietnam Creative Entrepreneur Club (VCE) has also moved their office to Hanoi Creative City to support the project.
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