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Street Dance groups to perform in Hanoi

Updated at Saturday, 15 Apr 2017, 11:15
The Hanoitimes - The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam proudly presents street dance performances, featuring three dance works created collaboratively by emerging directors and dancers from across Asia.
Following initial creative development in Manila and Hanoi in September and October in 2016, the three teams of dance artists will come to Hanoi to perform on 22nd and 23rd of April at Youth Theatre, Hanoi.
Street Dance groups to perform in Hanoi.
Street Dance groups to perform in Hanoi.
The Japan Foundation Asia Center starts a long-term ASEAN project named “Dance Dance Asia” from 2015 to support the exchange and collaboration of Asian regional dance companies / dancers that are based on street dance, including not only hip-hop but variety of genres such as jazz dance, contemporary dance, etc.
Now in its third year, DANCE DANCE ASIA presents three performances by a trio of choreographer-directors—Munetaka Maki (MIKEY from Tokyo Gegegay) (Japan), Vince Mendoza “Crazybeans” (Philippines), LION T (Vietnam)—bringing together dancers from a wide range of cultural backgrounds in a unique fusion of vibrant artistry, expert technique, and exciting music.
Team MIKEY, is led by Munetaka “MIKEY” Maki, the first street dance artist to win the prestigious Japan Dance Forum Award. MIKEY has assembled BLACK LIP BOYS, a wild and bewitching team of young male dancers especially formed for this performance. The luscious traps set in MIKEY’s unique world will lure you into a dance from which there is no escape.
Team VINCE, Vince Mendoza has won titles at street dance contests all over the globe. Based partly on Mendoza’s life, Hilatas (The Light that Guides You) conjures up a vision of always looking forward in pursuit of your dreams, and never looking back even in the face of adversity. Witness history in the making with this masterpiece of a show that condenses a wide range of dance styles, from street to contemporary and acrobatics.
Team LION T, it’s not about the money! As the leader of Big Toe Crew, Vietnam’s first hip-hop dance group, LION T has taken the dance world by storm. He has also produced stage shows in Europe and North America, though his diligence is not all for his own glory. In partnership with friends and family, his work is imbued with the sincere messages for building a better society that he wants to share with the world.
The event is a superb opportunity for audiences in Vietnam to experience the cutting edge of Japanese and Asian street dance that is wowing the world today.
Tuyet Nhung
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