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The Face Vietnam’s winner appeared on Vogue fashion magazine

Updated at Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017, 17:21
The Hanoitimes - The Face Vietnam winner and Vietnamese model Phi Phuong Anh has been listed among The Best Street Style from Seoul Fashion Week Spring ’18 on the US’s Vogue fashion magazine.
Phi Phuong Anh.
Phi Phuong Anh.
She left good impression on spectators when she wore a unique white dress by designer Nguyen Cong Tri, with lace hat, transparent boots and a Gabrielle handbag of Chanel brand. Other Vietnamese model, Huu Anh has also been named among the list. He draws attention of international paparazzi thanks to the unique costume.
Triumphing over three other contestants and winning over 40 per cent of the audience’s votes, Phi Phương Anh from Hanoi has become the first winner of The Face Vietnam season 1. The Face Vietnam season 1 is a Vietnamese modeling-themed reality television series, based on the US, and one of several national editions in the international The Face franchise. Ho Ngoc Ha, Pham Huong and Lan Khue served as model coaches and Vinh Thuy served as a host for the first season.
The contestants in the competitions had to compete in many modeling poses, such as natural beauty and street style shots, on the catwalk for swimsuits and dresses, as well as filming with male models. In the finale, the contestants had to compete in three rounds in categories such as LED screen interaction, eloquence and artistic dancing.
During The Face Vietnam season 1, Anh consistently demonstrated her keenness to learn and her efforts to improve herself. With her modern and stylish beauty — especially her performance in the eloquence contest — the 19-year-old won the hearts of the judges and audience.
Seoul Fashion Week is taking place in South Korea from October 16 to 21. Many Vietnamese celebrities including Hoang Ku, Mach Huy, Kye Nguyen, Diem My and Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc join the event.
The fashion festival also invites popular fashion models to meet their fans and host a talk show while having food trucks for the convenience of the fans.  Fashion model Kim Ki-bum of YG KPLUS will DJ during the evenings with other musicians from "NHR" crew led by Seungri of BIGBANG, beginning the second day of the festival.
Fashion magazine CeCi has confirmed its open audition for a “fashionista” on the spot, who will appear on the cover of a future edition of the magazine. CeCi will hold three auditions to pick ordinary people on the street.
Seoul Fashion Week invites veteran designer Rubina to host an honorary exhibition under the title “Endless Journey”. The show displays Rubina's work of the last 38 years as a fashion designer. The exhibition is free of charge and open to everyone from Oct. 17 to Nov. 12. 
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