Hanoi to make regulations on managingt and trading

Updated at Sunday, 19 Mar 2017, 17:24
The Hanoitimes - Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee and Deputy Head of Steering Committee for Food Safety Nguyen Van Suu has recently presided over a meeting to assess the situation and take measures to prevent Methanol poisoning.

According to report of the Department of Health, from February 22 to March 14, Hanoi has 25 victims of alcohol poisoning; three of them died. Cases of alcohol poisoning occurred in seven urban district of Ha Noi, mostly in Dong Da (10 cases) and Cau Giay (10 cases). Most of the victims used unlabeled and unstamped alcohols of unclear origin in small, individual retail shops.

Along with popularization, Ha Noi established inter-sector missions to check food safety. 1,597 establishments were inspected; 19,826 liters of wine were confiscated, along with many bottles and containers; total amount of fines was VND 489.5 million. 429 samples of alcohols were tested on-site, and 46 samples tested in laboratories.

According to officials of Cau Giay District, after alcohol poisoning case occurred in the area, Cau Giay promptly directed police, health care and market surveillance officers to inspect shops, restaurants and markets, especially the one in Yen Hoa ward where the victims bought wine. Unlabeled alcohols and alcohols of unclear origin were seized; samples were sent for testing, and VND 43 million of fines were collected. In the near future, the district aims to increase popularization and publicize names of the shops which provide unlabeled alcohols, alcohols of unclear origin.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Van Suu appreciated effort of districts and towns for Methanol poisoning prevention. He urged city’s departments, agencies and districts to make detailed plan, found 10 missions to conduct inspection from March 16 to April 15 and handle violations. For districts and towns, Chairpeople and Vice Chairpeople of People's Committees of communes, wards and townships are responsible for conducting weekly inspection.

Nguyen Van Suu also requested further popularization to improve people’s awareness of unlabeled wine and wine of unclear origin, and assigned competent agencies to control alcohols from other localities and check their origin. The Department of Health and Department of Industry and Trade shall make draft regulation on alcohol management and trade in Hanoi and submit to the city by March 31, while having strict punishment for violations and call for participation of the whole political system. 
Translated by Anh Kiet