Sustainable development of agriculture along with urban areas

Updated at Friday, 14 Jul 2017, 09:42
The Hanoitimes - On July 11, the Hanoi Institute for Socio-Economic Development Studies (HISEDS) collaborated with the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN Habitat) and the Korean International Urban Training Center to organize a training course on urban agriculture and sustainable rural development with the participation of Hanoi governmental agencies.
Professor Nguyen Hong Son, Director of the HISEDS, affirms that Hanoi is socio-economic and cultural center of the whole nation. At the same time, Hanoi entails development efforts of the red river delta area. After expanding financial boundaries, Hanoi now consists of a great rural area. As a result, sustainable agricultural development and improvement of farmers’ living standards are the main targets of the City Party Committee, the People’s Council, and the Hanoi People’s Committee. 
Dr. Nguyen Hong Son – Director of HISEDS gave a speech at the meeting.
Dr. Nguyen Hong Son – Director of HISEDS gave a speech at the meeting.
For the past few years, the suburban areas outside of Hanoi have been invested greatly. Many agricultural projects achieve positive signs. Social security is ensured and the living standards of residents continue to be improved. At the same time, agriculture develops in a sustainable manner, forming specialized production areas. 

Professor Nguyen Hong Son emphasizes that the course is established to improve the orientation, organizing and monitoring capacities of local government and related agencies in developing local economy, especially with regard to agricultural development, ecotourism, and relationship with Hanoi City. The course is designed thoroughly and professionally by experts from the Korean International Urban Training Center, FAO and the United Nations Human Settlements Program of UN Habitat. This is an effective educational model which ties education with practical experiences, creating a foundation for staff to apply theories into agricultural and tourism development. Thus, as agriculture and rural areas develop in a sustainable manner, the living standards of residents also improve.
Overview of the meeting
Overview of the meeting
The Director of UN Habitat Nguyen Quang shares, urban and rural development must be in consistent with each other, especially in the context of urbanization and globalization. The rural and suburbs are providing big cities with ecosystems, resources and goods. In recent years, under the impact of urbanization, Hanoi has transform substantially but still faces numerous challenges in socio – economic development due to a high rate of rural areas. Therefore, the training course will be a valuable opportunity for international experience exchange, especially from Korea, a country with a high level of urban and rural development.

The Vice Director of Agriculture & Rural Development Department Nguyen Huy Dang points out, the development of Hanoi’s agriculture sector is unsustainable, with slow growth rate, low competitiveness and inefficient human resources utilization. Besides, it is worth mentioning that a slow progress in production model transformation and economic restructure, combining with fragmented production with low value are some of the decisive factors. Therefore, the City focuses on sustainable agricultural development along with environment protection and living standard improvement.

The training course on urban and rural sustainable development with the participation of local government in Hanoi will last for 4 days, including a site visit program in Thuong Tin Rural district.

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