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Vietnamese customers spend more for personal use

Updated at Monday, 28 Aug 2017, 15:21
The Hanoitimes - Instead of savings, Vietnamese customers are now increasing their spending for traveling and shopping.
According to the report conducted by Nielsen Vietnam company, Vietnamese customers are no longer the world’s most savers in compared with last year.

The research of Nielsen Vietnam showed that, 63% Vietnamese customers put their spare cash into savings (the ratio for the last quarter was 76%), behind Thailand (69%), Singapore and Indonesia (66%).

Along with the trend of savings, Vietnamese customers not only spend more but also large amount on their personal uses. The survey of Nielsen showed, after spending for essential needs, 1 out of 3 Vietnamese customers is willing to spend for traveling (38%), buying new clothes (36%), technological products (31%), house repairing (30%) and other entertainment services (29%). In particular, for the first time, the report stated Vietnamese customers are buying advanced health insurances. In term of the customers’ concerns, they remain the same as last year, including job stability, health, the balance between working and personal life, pensions, etc.

Representative of Nielsen Vietnam said, the lifestyle of Vietnamese customers is changing very fast, for which they are willing to spend more for the better living conditions. This also reflects a strong desire toward a better life. Also according to the Nielsen Vietnam’s report, Vietnamese customers’ confidence are increasing rapidly in Quarter II/ 2017, in turn taking Vietnam to the 5th place for being one of the most optimistic countries in the world with 117 points (an increase of 5 points in compared with Quarter IV/2016), the highest score over 5 years.

The report also shows, customers in South East Asia continues to be the world’s most confident. Despite having two ranks lower than the same period of 2016, Philippines has overcome India as the world most optimistic country in the world. Meanwhile, Indonesia ranks 4th and Thailand ranks 10th globally. 
Nguyen Tung - Ha Thanh
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