Microsoft accompanying Vietnam in industrial revolution 4.0

Updated at Wednesday, 06 Sep 2017, 19:19
The Hanoitimes - Approaching the industrial revolution 4.0, Microsoft will accompany the government and enterprises in efficiently implementing platforms, services and modern technological ideas for the purpose of development.
In the first theme “Vietnam: Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0”, the Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has given an opening speech. Attending the event are government’s leaders, representatives of administrative agencies and ministries, provinces, 14 embassies, along with leading IT companies from Vietnam and abroad such as Viettel, FPT, MISA, VNPT, Shopee, CMC, Microsoft, Cisco, Hong Co.
The Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam gave a speech at the opening ceremony.
The Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam gave a speech at the opening ceremony.
Theme about the industrial revolution 4.0 along with opportunities and challenges for Vietnam had been discussed at Vietnam ICT Summit 2016. The event has had a big impact on the awareness and actions of related agencies in some specific sectors of the economy. A quick survey conducted by Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) to 250 enterprises and organizations taking part in the event has shown positive result: 35.2% organizations has prepared and is willing to join the industrial revolution 4.0, 58.7% is looking for information but has a certain level of preparedness, and the remaining of 6.1% do not have any information with regard to the industrial revolution 4.0

The survey also showed advantages, efficient solutions and sectors which Vietnam can approach and be successful in industrial revolution 4.0. As such, enterprises and organizations think human resources (77.7%), awareness & determination of the government (70.4%), and IT & telecom infrastructure (59.1%) are big advantages of Vietnam in this revolution. In order to realize these advantages, Vietnam will need to implement 3 important solutions such as: training human resources (81.8%), push forward with transformation toward digital economy (70%), creative start-ups (53%). Enterprises and organizations also suggested, that Vietnam should focus on some specific sectors, which Vietnam has advantage of in the industrial revolution 4.0: IT (89.9%), tourism (45.7%), agriculture (44.9%), finance & banking (47%) and logistics (28.3%).

It is obvious that the industrial revolution 4.0 is more and more influencing various aspects of socio-economic in the world, as well as in Vietnam.

At the conference, former Deputy head of Central Institute for economic management – Dr. Vo Chi Thanh and leaders of Microsoft Vietnam have given speeches on the application of industrial revolution 4.0 all over the world, impacts to Vietnam and solution for the country to quickly develop in this revolution. Specifically, with the role of being pioneer in technology invention, especially with leading capabilities on infrastructures, application, iCloud, Artificial intelligence (AI), representative of Microsoft has shared challenges in the industrial revolution 4.0, among them are new way to process massive information and data in record speed. In particular, as a leading company in AI development, Microsoft has been pioneering in using AI and machine learning as useful instruments, in turn supports enterprises and organizations optimizing operation and helps them overcoming challenges. “The mission of Microsoft is to help individual and organizations in the world to achieve more success. Microsoft has been  developing flexible platform along with optimized services to support enterprises and individual being innovative, developing their own technologies, creating additional solutions and services, which a strong and sustainable ecosystem can be based on. In the threshold of industrial revolution 4.0, enterprises must grasp the advantage of digital transformation, with a view to increase efficiency in operation through ICloud, big data, AI and IoT” – Vice General Director on Enterprise Customers and Strategic Partners of Microsoft Vietnam Pham Tran Anh shared.

After the opening ceremony, the conference will go through 4 panel discussion on the trend, strategy and solution for Vietnam to access industrial revolution 4.0: Awareness of Vietnam; Advantage of Vietnam’s Digital Economy – Digital Industry, Smart Agriculture; Smart Tourism; Smart City and Digital Human Resource, Innovation and start-up. 

In the discussion of Smart city, Microsoft has shared the solution of “CityNext” to build smart city. This is a comprehensive solution, providing vision, platform and technology, creating the connection from Cloud OS to support organizations and enterprises creating their own ICloud to connect to others, analyzing and processing massive data.
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