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Solutions for farmers’ start-ups

Updated at Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017, 08:10
The Hanoitimes - Start-ups alone is a difficult process, but start-ups in fields of agriculture is a lot more complicated with high risk and long term investment.
On September 18, in response to the campaign of start-up nation, with a view to support and instruct start-up projects in fields of agriculture, encourage creativity and business ideas of farmers in Vietnam, Vietnam Farmer’s Union along with Ministry of Science & Technology and PetroVietnam CaMau Fertilizer JSC (PVCFC) jointly held the conference discussing solutions for farmers’ start-ups
Overview of the conference.
Overview of the conference.
Important objectives of the conference is to carry out the government’s and Vietnam Farmer’s Union policies to encourage feasible start-up projects in agriculture. 500 representatives from local and central level administrative agencies, 300 outstanding farmers across the county attended the conference. In this event, 23 model of start-up farmers are selected for presentation together with start-up experts and start-up enterprises. 

As an agricultural nation, Vietnam is quickly integrated in the world economy, as such, it is inevitable to innovate production and strategy for agricultural development. As farmers contribute a majority in Vietnam’s population, agricultural economy plays an essential part for social welfare and the country’s development. At present, with the current limitation of Vietnam’s agriculture, the value of agricultural products is low and the major farmers are still at low to middle income.

In overall, farmers often face risks of disaster and insects, overused chemical fertilizers, loss in production and storage, low export value due to lacking the green factor in production, lacking the provincial connection among others.

At present, workforce in agriculture is reducing and getting old. As such, young people is moving to cities to work in other sectors with more opportunities for development and higher income. In addition, Vietnam’s agriculture is facing the situation when the average agriculture land slot per person is also reducing, leading to the fragmented agricultural land slot being highest in the region and the world. 

The campaign of start-up nation has been the focus of Vietnam recently. With a lot of competitions and start-up forum are being held for start-ups to exchange information, experience and opportunities for development. However, the number of start-up projects in fields of agriculture is still low. Start-ups alone is a difficult process, but start-ups in fields of agriculture is a lot more complicated with high risk and long term investment. With the influence of industrial revolution 4.0, challenges of start-ups in fields of technologies have more chances to success with the support from available technologies. However, start-ups in agriculture need more than just the farmer’s investment, which is the efficient production and distribution chains.

Through the conference, outstanding farmers with success in agricultural start-ups have shared experiences, stories and their models for others to learn and study. It is aimed for the development of Vietnam’s agriculture and for all farmers. 

At the conference, experts also discussed policies and specific mechanism policies supporting agricultural start-ups through 23 models of start-ups selected in the event. Some of the main solutions given at the conference are: transforming from fragmented production to large scale production and cooperating in production and distribution chains; replace traditional work methods to the application of modern technologies; moving from low productivity to high productivity, and especially, changing the mindset of giving priority to quantity to the quality and added value. 
Nguyen Tung
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