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Applying high technologies in agriculture: Potential for development

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The Hanoitimes - Applying high technologies in agricultural production will help increasing productivity, product quality with high added value.
This is the statement of Director of Hanoi Promotion Agency (HPA) Nguyen Gia Phuong at the conference “Facilitating the development of high technologies in agriculture”, which was held in Hanoi on October 25. 
Enterprises exchanged experiences on high technology application in agricultural production in sideline of the conference.
Enterprises exchanged experiences on high technology application in agricultural production in sideline of the conference.
According to HPA, despite the application of high technologies in agricultural production is a new trend, but Hanoi has already formed 119 hectares for vegetable growing in greenhouse, 15 hectares applying new technology for watering; 110 hectares for flowers planting, 924.5 hectare for fruits growing, 206.5 hectare for high tech farming for tea leaves. 30% closed system for livestock farming. As such, value of agricultural products applying high technologies in Hanoi reaches 25#, in which vegetable products contribute 17.9%, livestock 22.5% and fisheries 13%. 

Representatives of the Global High Tech Investment & Development JSC said, even though its high tech farming area is only 3.4 hectares, but investment has reached 200 billion USD. At present, enterprise is producing 50 different kinds of flowers, mainly phalaenopsis and cattleya flowers, with the average price of 250,000 VND per flower. Chairwoman of the collective farming Dan Hoai – Flora Vietnam Bui Huong Bich said, despite the greenhouse area for production of the company only has 10,000m2, but after 10 years of applying high technologies, its products have contributed to 30% shares of the phalaenopsis flower market in the north. 

Applying high technologies not only in agricultural production, but also in live stock farming. Recently, the Hanoi Livestock Breeding JSC has launched the High quality of cow breeding center. “The project is not only for research and providing high quality of cow for Hanoi’s farmers, but also for nationwide” – Director of the company Bui Dai Phong said. 

Applying high technologies in agriculture has been success at first, however, there is still room for development and the results of applying high technologies in Hanoi’s agriculture remain modest. As of present, Hanoi has not developed agricultural complexes applying high technologies. “Hanoi only has nearly 1,500 hectares for agricultural production applying hich technologies, while the area for agricultural production is 150,000 hectares, in which forming a highly concentrated area of farming production with adequate infrastructures with related to transportation and irrigation” – Vice Director of Hanoi Agriculture and Rural Development Department Nguyen Xuan Dai said. 

In order to facilitate the use of high technologies in production, in which increase productiviy, product quality with high added value and competitive edges, Hanoi has set the objectives of taking the rate of applying high technologies in agriculture to 35% in 2020. For this objective to be materialized, Hanoi has focused in supporting the application of high technologies in seedling, bredding, production, processing and storing of products. The Decree No. 03/2015/NQ-HDND of the Hanoi City council with regard to policies to develop high technology in agriculture for period 2016 – 2020 clearly sated: giving 100% financial supports in management and lending rates for project applying high technologies in agricultural production with the total lending funds up to 50 billion VND per project. At the same time, to provide 30% of additional fund for investing in new equipment in planting, and storing agricultural products. 

Director of HPA Nguyen Gia Phuong said, in the coming time, HPA will put up effort in collaborating with the Hanoi Department of Agriculture & Rural Development to disclose new policies with regard for agricultural development, especially agricultural production applying high technology. However, to facilitate the use of high technologies, with an aim to international markets, in addition to the support of the government, enterprises and farmers also play a vital role.
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