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Vietnamese securities sublimated

Updated at Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017, 16:17
The Hanoitimes - From the beginning of 2017 up to now, although influenced by the change of many major economies in the world, Vietnam stock market not only did not shake but sublimated, VN Index continuously set up many new vertices.

A number of companies listed on both Upcom, HNX and HOSE. In particular, the participation of billion-dollar enterprises such as Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airline, etc. has pulled the capitalization value of Vietnam's stock market to soar.

According to the representative of Bao Viet Securities Company (BVSC), the initial issuance of shares and listing on the stock exchange of large enterprises together with the recovery of the economy and the ability to open room (rate Ownership of foreign investors), the accelerated equitization process, SOE divestment will be a major factor on the market in 2017.

According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2017, VnIndex rose 8.64%; HNX Index was more impressive with 13.35% increase and Upcom Index increased 6.84%. On all three Upcom, HNX and HOSE, in the first quarter, the number of stocks kept rising and 745 stocks gained, accounting for 66% of the total market. Number of stocks under 10% growth was 351 codes, equivalent to 31%. The growth rate of 0 - 10% is in line with the increase of the common market that many investors have achieved. The number of tickers growing at 10% or more in the first quarter was 394, equivalent to more than one third of tickers in the market, meaning that for every 10 shares on the floor, 3 shares were more attractive than saving ones. 

Notably, the number of stocks with growth rate of over 30% - the total number exceeded the general market with 143 codes, accounting for 13% of the transaction codes on the three exchanges. Many stocks gained a record. For example, on April 3, HPG increased to the highest level since its listing, to VND31,950/share with the matching volume of nearly 4.5 million shares. Other stocks such as SHB, STB, VIC also showed a spectacular increase. The growth of these stocks comes primarily from the efficiency of the business itself. In addition, economic recovery, the general effect of the excitement of the market is also the cause of many stocks sublimated.

Commenting on the trend of the stock market in the coming time, Mr. Phan Dung Khanh - Investment Director of Maybank KimEng Securities Company (MBKE) said that the positive trend will continue to dominate once the cash flow that is still as strong as it is today and still tending to increase. In particular, in Q4, Q1 business results will be announced by many enterprises and are forecast to be positive. In addition, as the season of shareholders will have more positive information from the business. In addition, the economy continues to have good growth will support the stock market, stocks continue to maintain upward trend.
By Dinh Nguyen - Anh Kiet
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