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Banks enhance recruitment to meet business plans

Updated at Friday, 10 Nov 2017, 10:18
The Hanoitimes - Many commercial banks have so far this year recruited hundreds or even thousands of personnel to meet business performance plans.
After recruiting a significant number of employees in the past few years, VPBank continuously hired up to nearly 5,200 new staff in the first nine months of the year. This figure is nearly five times larger than the scale of some small banks.
Currently, VPBank is the second largest bank in the system in personnel scale with 22,500 staff. However, only half of them are working for the bank while the rest are working for two subsidiary companies, mainly for FE Credit.
VPBank has so far this year had nearly 5,200 new employees.
VPBank has so far this year had nearly 5,200 new employees.
Besides VPBank, other banks such banks as MB, Sacombank, LienVietPostBank also had more than 1,000 new employees while the number of new staff at TPBank, Techcombank, Vietcombank and VIB also reached hundreds of people.
Human resource of the banking sector is forecasted to continue being strengthened in the near future because in the last months of the year, a series of banks have posted recruitment information in large numbers.
BIDV announced to recruit more than 700 people to work at branches and transaction offices. The same trend was also seen at Vietcombank and Vietinbank which also announced to hire hundreds of people working at branches and headquarters in October and November. Meanwhile, other banks such as MBBank and LienVietPostBank are also recruiting additional personnel.
The common point is that most of the banks have strengthened the recruitment of personnel to work at transaction offices and branches, focusing mainly in credit and customer relation segments. This is also understandable because banks now have directed to strongly develop the retail segment.
Though many bank employees shared that working at banks goes along with a lot of pressures, stress, much time is devoted to work and they want to quit their jobs, the finance and banking sector is still considered to bring about higher income than almost all other ones.
Director of human resource management division of a joint stock bank said human beings are always the most precious asset. Therefore, the bank where she works is adopting a new organizational model and building management processes including the KPI/Balance Score Card, payroll system associated with personal working efficiency, internal equity and competitiveness, laying solid foundation to meet business targets and strategic goals.
She added that human resource surveys show that remuneration is just a very short-term tool to attract but a friendly working environment, where employees are respected and encouraged to make decisions in their scope of work, are trained and have opportunities to challenge and experience to succeed is the decisive factor in increasing employees’ engagement with the organization.
Thu Ha
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