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Thematic resolutions on land clearance: Motivation for development

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KTĐT - Lasting through terms to terms, even over 3 amendments of the Law of the Land but many projects still remain sluggish. It is not because of resources or a lack of money but because of the too slow land clearance. Therefore, the Resolution No. 08 of the City Party Committee just issued in order to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of the compensation, support and resettlement when the State recovers the land in the city during the period of 2016-2020 and the next years is expected to make a strong breakthrough in this work.
Flexible solutions
According to the City Party Committee, the land clearance works have achieved many positive results with a visible change in some areas through the leadership, direction for implementation of the party committees, governments, Fatherland Front and the political and social organizations during the past years. From 2010 to June 2016, there have been 3,073 projects required land recovery in the city; of which 1,711 projects has completed land clearance work with a total area of more than 8,462 ha; payment of more than 54,829 billion dong for compensation and support for 213,554 organizations, households and individuals and resettlement for 9,924 households, individuals.
With such a large volume, however, the City Party Committee also frankly expressed that the land clearance work has been still difficult and complicated and also revealed some limitations and shortcomings: The land clearance progress of most projects, including a number of key projects has been slow; addressing resettlement requirements has not been synchronized and still remained inadequate; the complaints related to the land clearance work has been still complicated; the publicity and transparency in the mechanism, policy and organization for implementation has been still limited; propaganda and mobilization has not been implemented in a large scale; there has been a lack of breakthrough solutions for the order, procedures and organization for implementation of land clearance tasks.
According to the estimate, in the next period, Hanoi targeted to complete the land clearance of 2,700 projects (51 key projects and buildings) with the recovered area of ​​about 6,000 ha and over 80,000 households involved, the amount of compensation and support of about 60,000 billion dong, and resettlement for approximately 19,000 households. If the aforesaid difficulties are not solved, they will limit a lot of opportunities for development of the Capital. This is the reason why there is a need of thematic resolutions of the City Party Committee to strengthen the role of the party committees and the whole political system in implementing land clearance work.
Resolution No. 08 which has been issued already clearly defined the goal of improving effectiveness and efficiency of compensation, support and resettlement to ensure stable life for people whose land is recovered at least equal or better than their former residential places; including the mechanisms and policies to encourage the people required for relocation to resettle voluntarily in 2 forms by receiving house or money in accordance with their needs and capabilities; reduce complaints, not to appear "hot locations" and complaints of the crowd due to land clearance work.
Towards the citizens’ benefits
To achieve the aforesaid goal, the City Party Committee requires strengthening the leadership of the party committees and the whole political system in land clearance work, regarding it as a key task, often directing the implementation for high efficiency. In particular, the head of the party committees, the agency responsible before the senior party committees for the results of land clearance work in their area and agencies.
Illustrative image
Illustrative image
Pursuant to the Resolution, the City PC has quickly developed a draft implementation plan, which focuses on review, supplement and adjustment of the order, procedures, processes and methods of organization for implementation; synchronization of policies for land clearance, particularly compensation, support and resettlement with the interest in legal rights of the people whose land is recovered. The City to direct the mechanisms and policies for using State capital and mobilize legitimate social resources to clear the land, create "clean" land fund for implementing projects, especially key projects, FDI projects to call for investment, the projects of their land use right auction to get financial resources for the city. When implementing land use right auction, it is required to have a flexible financial mechanism to use part of the land use amount obtained to continue investing in technical infrastructure to create land for auction sale. For the projects with large-scale land use, projects in lines, it is required to consider splitting into sub-projects of land clearance and approve for land clearance before construction.
The City also gives incentives for eligible households for resettlement to receive assistance in cash to self-arrange their resettlement; orients and issues policies to encourage and order construction businesses to build resettlement housing under housing standards to serve the needs of resettlement; prepares plans to use the land fund at 20% efficiently in the projects to build resettlement housing or create capital to build resettlement housing; invests township projects with the scale in accordance with the standards of commercial housing with adequate social and technical infrastructure to serve the resettlement with the management and operation by the investors; diversifies the forms of resettlement to facilitate the people whose land is recovered to select suitable forms of resettlement.
For rural areas outside the urban development planning, the City assigned PC of the districts to make investment decision to build the technical infrastructure of resettlement areas for land handover to households; research and review plans of constructing condominium buildings in appropriate areas (rural areas but under the urban development plan to 2030 and its vision to 2050) for the resettlement of the region.
With the new points as a breakthrough, since the resolution was issued, the leaders of the districts have said that the land clearance work will be much "easier". Besides, the local authorities also proposed supplementing a number of practical issues such as sanctions in case of delay in land handover or applying the same price for each project to ensure the fairness, etc.
At the last handover conference between the City Permanent Party - People's Council – People’s Committee with the districts and towns, Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai appreciated the city with the innovations and breakthroughs in this work to facilitate its citizens to have more choices; and the improved resettlement housing fund as well as their quality, which has positive impacts on the progress of some projects.
According to the Party Secretary, the period of 2016 – 2020, the volume of land clearance of the City doubled compared to the previous period, so it is required to improve the working method, especially the determination on the integrity of the whole political system. Because the land clearance if is well implemented will contribute to maintaining social stability but also motivate socio-economic development of the City.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Phuong
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