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HANOITEX 2017 to be held in November

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The Hanoitimes - The Vietnam Hanoi Textile & Garment Industry – Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo 2017 (HanoiTex 2017) is co-organized in Hanoi annually by Vietnam National Textile & Garment Group (VINATEX), CP Exhibition Hong Kong and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry Expo from November 1 – 3 at the International Center for Exhibition.
This expo mainly focuses on the machineries, spare parts, technologies of the garment industry. With the experience of organizing the Vietnam Textile & Garment Industry Expo & the Vietnam Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo, this expo will be a good platform for meeting the best quality of buyers from the garment factories in Vietnam and the neighboring countries in Asia.

Vietnam Textile & Garment Industry Expo is the biggest and the most important event in the textile and garment industry of Vietnam. It has taken place over 24 times in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi since the 1990s with great success. The expo held concurrently with the Vietnam Fabric & Garment Accessories Expo. These 2 expos are aimed to provide a one stop market for all buyers in Vietnam and the neighboring countries.

Thanks to the reform process and International economic integration, Vietnam has, in the past time, gained remarkable achievements with the demonstration of high economic growth, stabilized security and politics, sound investment environment, improved living conditions and consolidated position of the country in the international arena. In addition to those achievements, Vietnam has to face with great difficulties and challenges such as instable political condition in many regions in the world, slowdown growth of the world economy, changes in material prices, natural disasters due to climate change, lower purchasing power etc. Despite these difficulties, the successful implementation of the government decisions and directives together with the enhanced management of production and business activities have helped Vietnam to be on the right track to achieve 2017 economic targets.

In this regard, the textile & garment sector is among economic sectors of Vietnam with largest export revenue. However due to the fact that processing is the main form of production in Vietnam the ratio of added value is not so high. One of the disadvantages of Vietnam textile & garment sector is the underdeveloped supply chain which causes the low added value ratio in Vietnam compared with other countries. To solve this problem, the Government & relevant ministries of Vietnam has step by step overcome difficulties through creating a favorable environment, issuing policies to develop the supporting industry for textile & garment sector which helps to develop the supply chain in this sector

This Exhibition has a total area of 6,000sqm with the participation of 200 companies from 15 foreign countries & territories, (China, Germany, HongKong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, Vietnam etc.) who bring to Vietnam advanced technology, equipment and material for Vietnam textile & garment sector. 

The Exhibition will open to local companies opportunities to get to know and select suitable technology from advanced countries, making more investment so as to increase the localization rate, find more sources of material, meet the demand of local and foreign customers, increase the added value ratio contributing to further integration of Vietnam textile & garment sector with the region and the world. This also provides an opportunity for businesses from different economic sectors to meet with each other, expand market for their products, build long term investment strategy.
Nguyen Tung
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