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Gamuda Land Vietnam: Accompanying the capital's development

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The Hanoitimes - After nearly 10 years in Vietnam, Gamuda Group (Malaysia) has made cluster sewage lakes of Yen So, Hoang Mai district into the park and constructed the largest wastewater treatment factory in the city.
That's the first item in the investment process of the company in Hanoi, is a prerequisite for the development of Gamuda City to become the center of resort, entertainment served for Capital citizens. Dennis Ng - the Deputy General Director of Gamuda Land Vietnam Co., Ltd talked to reporters of Economics and Urban Newspaper at the event to Action Month for Children 2016 in Hoang Mai by Gamuda recently.
"Green lungs" of Hanoi
As an owner of a large park - Yen So Park, it is common sense that units accelerate construction completion to operation but the reality is not so. Could you explain this and how has the Group operated in recent years?
- Yen So Park is only a part of the overall planning  in Gamuda City and it consists of a combination of other investment items. I would like to introduce clearer as follows: Established in 2007, Gamuda Land Vietnam belongs to Gamuda Berhad - the Malaysian leading Group in real estate development, was assigned to implement the project of Gamuda City – a New City spreading over 500ha in Hoang Mai district to make planning for investment development, including 4 main sections, with two self-contained urban areas as Gamuda Gardens & Gamuda Lakes with a busy commercial center named Gamuda Central and Yen So Park the largest park of  Hanoi.
In recent years, it took Gamuda four years to construct and complete the sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 200,000m3 / day-night, capable of handling half of the sewage of the entire city a day. Total investment estimated USD 250 million, water quality after treatment to meet Class A under Vietnam Regulation.
In August 2014, Gamuda Land Vietnam has handed over the sewage treatment plant to Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The plant was operated to handle sewage from Set River and Kim Nguu River, cleaned a cluster of Yen So Park lake, created a “green lung” of Hanoi, providing local habitat and others a better surrounding area. We can say that this is the first and basic, decided the next stage of the project, and also the items have significant, directly bring benefits to Hanoi citizens. Since 2012, other items of the project under the Planning also continued to be implemented.
Community service –goal of development
Could you tell me more things Gamuda has been deployed?
- Up to the present time, Gamuda has completed numerous investments including relocation of high voltage line system from the Park, planning and improving the landscape, trees, footpaths, lake dredging, services items and infrastructure including traditional village, culture house, boat house, Son Bridge, electric lighting systems and infrastructures to serve the operation. Gamuda’s view is taken the community benefit as our development goals. For example, after the completion of the above categories, from April 2014, Yen So Park is officially opened for the City citizens, as a destination of events, cultural activities, entertainment, community activities and businesses, attracting thousands visitors every day.
Recently, August 26 – August 27, the Group has sponsored a closing ceremony of Action Month for children and children’s summer activities in Hoang Mai 2016 held by the Hoang Mai People’s Committee, attracted nearly 1,000 students and parents joining. Earlier, on December 6, 2015, Gamuda Land Vietnam in collaboration with Heartbeat Vietnam Fund organized a Gamuda Land Charity Day “Run for Heart 2015” in Yen So Park to raise funds for heart surgery for the poor children suffering from congenital heart disease across the country, attracting about 10,000 participants, expect nearly 1 billion fund-raising.
Besides, in order to develop Yen So Park’s potential and meet the demand for commercial services for visitors, last time, Gamuda actively promote investment in relevant items. Expectedly, by December 2016 the Trade Center LePARC will be put into operation. These are important items, goal of turning Gamuda City into a trade destination and cultural gateway to the southern city. So far, Gamuda has invested in the items and the project at approximately USD 400 million.
That is the first step in the 5-step process of Gamuda Land. Next time, we will approach next 4 stages remaining, including works as MegaMall, high-end residential area, office buildings and hotels, 5-star complex, to serve the needs of the city’s residents and contribute to the City development
The “wisdom” of the city government
As a transnational corporation, what is your most satisfaction of investment in Hanoi?
- Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, as the ancient city underwent over thousand years, having friendly, open-minded people, social security and stability that are the attractions for investors.
We are particularly impressed by Hanoi People’s Committee issued current policy improving the living quality environment for people as the priority. Particularly, from now to 2020, Hanoi is planting 1 million trees, developing dozens of parks and lakes; comprehensively environmental pollution treatment (air, water, waste, etc.).
This policy is the “wisdom” of the city government to ensure its sustainable development. Reflecting on it, we also have a bit of proud a little, last time was invested properly and we won, which is the environmental category, contributing to long-term policy of the city – building Hanoi as a green – clean – beautiful city and create entertainment destinations and resorts for Capital citizens.
Thank you!
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Anh
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