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Four Vietnamese among Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2017 list

Updated at Friday, 14 Apr 2017, 10:32
The Hanoitimes - Forbes has just reveal list of 30 Asia figures under 30 years old with outstanding achievement in 2017 (30 under 30).
Among those are some Vietnamese such as Nguyen Hai Ninh – CEO of coffee chain The Coffee House, Nguyen Hoang Trung – CEO of food review app Lozi, Suboi – the singer…
Forbes’ list is divided into 10 categories, in which contains 30 figures, respectively. All of those have specific influence, are trendsetters and success in the field they present.
Below are Vietnamese faces in the list:

Nguyen Hai Ninh - CEO The Coffee House
Nguyen Hai Ninh was born in 1987, graduated from University of Technology Ho Chi Minh City with the major in chemistry. Before starting a business, Ninh used to work at Pepsi.
Ninh is the founder of two coffee chains: Urban Station and The Coffee House. Choosing the popular target customer, The Coffee House, is considered as an upgraded version of Urban Station, has expanded 20 stores in just one year which are located in beautiful locations and positions on the main roads of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Currently, the shareholders that include Ninh, Seedcom (founded by Dinh Anh Huan) and Prosperity Trees Group has invested more than VDN40 billion into The Coffee House and the others related business as coffee farms, production factories and packaging. The Coffee House plans to expand the current system to double figures in 2016. Ninh wants to develop The Coffee House as similar to Starbucks Vietnam.
Currently, Ninh is the CEO of The Coffee House and a member of the Board of Urban Station. The Coffee House received 1.8 ml USD in investment capital and get revenue of around 7 ml USD.
Nguyen Hoang Trung - CEO Lozi
Nguyen Hoang Trung was born in Quang Ngai and studied Mathematics in a specialized school inside Sciences University (Hanoi National University), Trung received the scholarships KAIST in 2010 and went to South Korea to study Computer Science. One year later, Trung dropped out of the course, because he found out that it’s not his suitable environment. Trung did not want to emphasize learning and wanted to explore the world outside and learn from life instead of focusing to the academic education path.The sophomore decided to drop out and came back to hometown, regardless fierce protest from family and friends.
In 2012, he established a technology app to share about cuisine and food site, so called Lozi.
December 2015, Lozi received investment from two funds Golden Gate Ventures and DesignOne Japan. Lozi is a startup that focuses to create a sharing food site, provide information, and suggest dishes to the user that do not know what to have for meals.
Currently, Lozi has more than 2,000 registered stores in the system, 2.7 million regular users and revenues of 300 thousand US dollar in 2015 from the 200 US dollar that each store had to pay per month to advertise on Lozi. In the next three years, Trung wants Lozi to become a service platform to serve much more things for users, and also joining in the market place of booking table and food delivery
Before listed in Asia 30 under 30, Nguyen Hoang Trung used to be honored by Forbes Vietnam in the same list.
Nguyen Hoang Hai - CEO Canavi
Nguyen Hoang Hai was born in 1990, graduated from Business Management, Hanoi RMIT University. Before establishing, he was cofounder of ViVi Digital Company and shareholder of AdsBNC. was founded in 2015 as a HR website seeking for seasonal worker, PG, photo model, MC, asisstant, secretary... In the middle of 2016, Canavi mobilized 110,000 USD from 8 angel investors.
Suboi - the singer
Suboi was born on 14th January, 1990 in Ho Chi Minh city. Her real name is Hang Lam Trang Anh.
The 27-year-old rapper performed for former U.S. President Barack Obama, and was the first Vietnamese artist invited to play at SXSW. Suboi approach and fond of hip hop since the age 14 and started to performe rap since the age of 15. Then she promptly becomes one of the most famous rapper in underground hip hop class.
Tu Anh
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