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Hanoi investment environment in the eyes of a long-standing Singaporean enterprise

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The Hanoitimes - Having invested Investing in Vietnam for the last 17 years and establisheding 15 campuses from kindergarten to highschool levels for Vietnam and 2 colleges for higher education, KinderWorld is one of long-standing enterprise in Hanoi.
On sideline of “Hanoi 2017 – Investment Co-operation& Development” Conference, the Hanoitimes had brief discussion with KinderWorld Education Group’s Chairman Mr Ricky Tan Teck Yong.
What’s your comment about Hanoi investment environment?
First came to Hanoi in 2000, we set up the first KinderWorld International Kindergarten in Hanoi Tower. After 17 years, as part of Hanoi city development, our focus now is to invest more and offer high quality through-train education from kindergarten to high school, supporting Vietnamese students to study in their home country and overseas as well. These education investment models are among our upcoming projects as stated in the MoU signed with Hanoi’s People Committee.
CEO Ricky Tan receives the MoU of development cooperation from Ngo Van Quy - Vice Chairman of Hanoi's People Committee
CEO Ricky Tan receives the MoU of development cooperation from Ngo Van Quy - Vice Chairman of Hanoi's People Committee

We have so far invested 25 million USD in Hanoi, and want to pour another 100 million USD as well and look forward to receiving the support from the city authorities to allow us to find 3 suitable locations to develop our super school concept that can cater for 2000 students per campus. To me, Hanoi is a highly affluent society with the city population of 8 million people where we want to provide high quality and affordable kindergarten programmes, and also international multi- level education programmes. We are proud that our school systems are able to prepare students for their further studies in any university all over the world, and also in Vietnam.
Our next proposed project is to establish Pegasus International University in Vietnam. And Hanoi will be our priority to build the first university campus.  Pegasus International University programme focus will be in hospitality and tourism management, business, commerce as well as information and communication technology with English being the main media of teaching and learning, which is aimed to support the smart city initiative that has been the interest of many cities all over the world. Nowadays it’s important for young people to be equipped with all employability skills that can help them find jobs. In Singapore where I come from, we believe that education should equip students with all the required skills so that they can be job-ready upon graduation.
What’s about other upcoming project of KinderWorld in Vietnam?
Another project in Vietnam will be launched in Binh Dinh with the area of 60 hectare land, to create an outdoor experiential learning programme – Outward Bound Vietnam. We aim to duplicate this investment model in Ha Long city, and then in Da Nang. We hope that we can provide a destination where Singaporean and Vietnamese students enjoy working together, build up teamwork and leadership skills as well as learn about cultural differences. The Group will develop more Outward Bound Vietnam campuses in locations with natural surroundings and beautiful landscape to invite all our partners all over the world to come to Vietnam and experience our exciting experiential learning program.
Ricky Tan - Chairman of KinderWorld Vietnam.
Ricky Tan - Chairman of KinderWorld Vietnam.

We hope to play an active role in the improvement of educational programmes in the capital city, and ensure the sustainable human capital development that can meet employers’ requirements. It is our vision that in the next 3 to 5 years, KinderWorld can contribute to the change and transformation of traditional teaching methodology through bringing in international experience and reputable university to Vietnam.
In your opinion, what can be done to raise Hanoi attraction to foreign enterprise community?
Hanoi is in the process to simplify legal procedures. I believe with the determination and leadership of the current People’s Committee Chairman, all investment procedures, license approval can be simplified. In the past, foreign enterprises in Vietnam faced several challenges, but I believe in the near future, all investment procedures will be more encouraging and supportive of foreign investment in Vietnam .
From Singapore perspective, what can Hanoi learn to improve business environment?
 Vietnam and Singapore have a strong and long term relationship. Two nations have entered the strategic partnership since 2015 and I believe the Singapore government plays an important role in finding a way to support and contribute to the growth of Vietnam economy. As private sector, our Company is able to work closely with government authorities and at the same time we have the flexibility to implement our investment projects. Today is an important and meaningful event for KinderWorld as our contribution is well recognized by the city authorities and we look forward to continuing our memorable investment journey in Hanoi.
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Tu Anh – Nguyen Tung
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