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Zara and H&M presence in Vietnam: A push for domestic fashion brands

Updated at Sunday, 31 Dec 2017, 18:00
The Hanoitimes - The two popular brands dominating fast fashion trends around the world came to Vietnam at the same time.

The appearance of Zara and H&M in Vietnam
Both of them have realized that Vietnam is a potential market without opponent. They meticulously invested from the shop, balance the cost with quality and a series of marketing methods. Shoppers know that almost everything they need exists in Zara and H&M at cheaper prices than in other countries such as Thailand and Singapore.
Zara store in Hanoi vincom center
Zara store in Hanoi vincom center

The opening event of Zara and H & M was the first event that Vietnamese youth had to queue up and wait for. Zara did not hesitate to announce unbelievable revenue: VND 5.5 billion only on opening day. H&M welcomed more than 10,000 visitors in a day. These are definitely the dream for any fashion business.
Accordingly, many brands came to Vietnam such as Old Navy, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti ... and maybe Uniqlo in the comming time. They all look forward to a perfect beginning like the two pioneers.
New habits gradually formed ...
H&M - Another dominating popular brand attacks Vietnam market in 2017
H&M - Another dominating popular brand attacks Vietnam market in 2017

Updated. Latest. And of course, the word "popular" is emphasized.
Zara and H&M have created a world fashion for all people of all walks of life. The items at Zara and H&M are easy to make a difference for each individual.
Besides, young Vietnamese are still enjoying the feeling of being immersed in the world flow rather than in a separate island. What the world has, we also have in a quick, neat and updated way.
No need to go far, for update fashion trends, people just need to visit Zara and H&M. These fashion brands are contributing to the fashion consciousness of the people by bringing the common style to a new level.
And thanks to Zara and H&M, we can feel the youth’s enthusiasm of fashion. There are a lot of comments saying that queuing up and waiting for purchasing popular goods is strange, but the buyers undersatand that emotional value is even bigger than the value of fashion items.
So, it is true that Zara and H&M shall bring a big change to the Vietnamese.
But from here, challenges arise
With emotion values ​from the two leading brands, the Vietnamese are immersed in the fun called "fast fashion".
This will completely change the landscape of Vietnamese fashion, where the market previously closed to the domestic business or small business traders. By having a huge machine and a lot of brainpower, fashion brands such as Zara and H&M can easily overwhelm domestic brands. Typically, domestic brands admitted that the pressure from Zara and H&M are too big. This is reflected in their 20-30% drop in sales!
The professional and mamateur designers are in the state of anxiety, seeking to find the right direction. The brightest is likely to be CANIFA when it comes to developing the reverse direction: "sustainable fashion", based on the principle of fashion must be environmentally friendly and long-term use. Although it is not possible to make clear by design, this is a perfect choice if they want to stay firm in the "fashion fashion" trend.
Some other ideas are also highly regarded as shifting to high-end fashion trends or promoting creativity in each low-cost product. This invisiblly creates the momentum to promote the entire Vietnamese fashion scene more radically in just a short time: accept for changing or being eliminated.
Should be optimistic?
The Vietnamese market has become a part of the world. The popular fashion brands perfectly meet the passion and needs of the Vietnamese. Young people can easily become fashionista models rather than before. If there is no presence of Zara or H&M along with a series of "junior" brands, the domestic fashion is still managing to change.
In conclusion, Vietnamese fashion is facing with challenges, but the development motivation is more valuable!
Tu Anh
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