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Bustling "Rice Street" of Luu Xa

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The Hanoitimes - For years, the local road 442 through Luu Xa village, Duc Giang commune, Hoai Duc district has formed a busy craft town with rice trading activities.
The hustle of a street
The Road 442 through the Duc Giang commune is always busy by a craft village. Containers are waiting for "loading” goods then going to different places. The burly porters lift sacks of rice place neatly in the trunk. Other groups move sacks of rice of milled raw materials into new warehouse for polishing. The warehouse and rice processing facilities are always full of employee and vehicles of deliveries.
Mrs. Pham Thi Nha, the owner of a rice processing facility named Duong Nha, in  Luu Xa hamlet happily talked to us about the joys and sorrows, ups and downs of the over 20-year rice processing business. As a hereditary career, her husband and she received from their parents then gradually transferred it to their offspring. About 10 years ago, rice processing in Luu Xa village has changed quite a lot, she said. Most households do not have rice milled as those were previously, they got rice milled and polished by machinery until the last grain. " My home got about 20 tons of rice processing, selling interest accounted for VND 10 million per month", said Mrs. Nha.
At one rice processing facility in Duc Giang commune, Hoai Duc district.
At one rice processing facility in Duc Giang commune, Hoai Duc district. Photo by Thang Van.
Not far away from Duong Nha, the rice processing facility Vinh Hoa is quite noisy with rice polishing machine. Two female workers swiftly pack and weight rice into each 50kg rice sack. Every month, Vinh Hoa facility got over 100 tons of rice processing, earning interest from VND 10,000 – 20,000 / quintal from time to time. Rice processing only "lazy around” one or two months before the harvest, the remaining months is bustle of rice processing, thus, their household income is quite stable.
Concerns about production expansion
Agricultural product processing village of Luu Xa is one of nine villages of food processing which is recognized as the traditional village of Hoai Duc district. It is the main income-generating occupation for households, while creating hundreds of jobs for workers with wages of VND 200,000/ person / day.
At present, sources of raw materials of Luu Xa imported from Nam Dinh, Thai Binh and the Central regions. After being processed, polished, packaged, rice consumed in Hanoi market and throughout the provinces from the North to the South.
Although the activities of the village has brought many changes to the local people, but now, career development still faces many difficulties. Those are such cramped production space that the average production area reached in each facility only 90 – 100 m2.
On the other hand, despite the fact that Road 442 pavement after rehabilitation still does not meet the requirements, leading frequent traffic jams. To limit traffic congestion, Hoai Duc district have banned container trucks and vans operating on this route from 7-9 am every day.
What is more, the majority of households do not build their own brand name for products; their activities isolate lack of connection to increase competitiveness.
The Vice Chairman of Duc Giang commune, Mr. Cao Van Doan talked to Economic & Urban Newspaper, in the background of little production spaces and transport difficulties, Duc Giang commune sent their petition to Hoai Duc district People's Committee on a proposed planning area of handicraft villages and goods transshipment. "Now, farmers expect to have space to expand their production, thus we proposed the District authority to settle the matter soon", he said.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Thang
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