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Hanoi makes more effort to develop e-government

Updated at Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017, 14:27
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi has taken drastic measures to promote application of information technology and development of e-government.
Developing e-government is part of the strategy to enhance administration reform, improve performance of governments at all levels and guarantee convenience for people and enterprises. Hanoi has witnessed significant progress in building e-government. 

The city successfully connects document management software of Government Office and Municipal People’s Committee Office; all departments, agencies, sectors, People’s Committees of districts and towns use the same document management software, and connect with each other. 

Public service portal ( is launched, providing online public services in internet and receiving feedback as well as questions of citizens and enterprises on administrative procedures. Population database is exploited; administrative procedures at level 3 are launched, in particular some procedures in the field of justice.

Thanks to application of common software, Hanoi offers 132 online public services at level 3 and 4 in 10 different fields, and expects to provide more. In the 2016-2017 school year, the city puts online enrollment software into use; 84.87% of applications to kindergarten, 51.11% of applications to primary schools and 58.18% applications to secondary schools were submitted in internet. 

Furthermore, Hanoi launches e-gradebook and provides accounts to managers, teachers and staffs of units. In terms of online business registration and investment licensing, the city takes drastic measures and increases the rate of online business registration dossiers to over 50%. 559 out of 711 units use health insurance expertise system; 1,201,232 dossiers are submitted online. After four months of application, 3,292 dossiers are processed by the system.

Online data exchange is enhanced in other fields, such as issuance of criminal record, issuance of driving license, and processing of procedures relating to social insurances.  Smart traffic system is launched; information technology infrastructure and information security are guaranteed, along with human resource training.

To promote the achievement and reach target, Ha Noi considers 2017 as the year breakthought in information technology. On the basis of approved e-government framework, the city aims to focus on following missions: 
(1) further improveserver and expand wide area network; ensure that equipments meet requirement for further application; 
(2) develop, update and exploit core database and information system for management, operation and supply of public services to citizens and enterprises; 
(3) conduct training for human resources in the field of information technology; 
(4) ensure information safety of applications;  pay special attention to developing, updating, exploiting and sharing core database, such as digitization, development and update of core database to create basis for e-government development; 
(5) efficiently exploit population database and launch applications as well as services to serve citizens, businesses and the city.

Furthermore, Hanoi will continue effort to launch the online public service portal (, hence encouraging more people to process administrative procedures in internet; provide gadgets and mobile apps to citizens and enterprises; develop e-One Stop Shop system to connect online public services. The city will launch more online public services, striving to provide at least 40% of public services at level 3 and 4 online; promote online enrollment, e-gradebook and put more apps into use; enhance progress of projects on land database and cadastral record management system.
By Tuan Minh
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