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Hanoi highlights reading culture

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The Hanoitimes - Books are known as means, tools to record advances, civilization, history of human development as well as to provide endless knowledge. In recent years, along with the Ministry of Information and Communications, Hanoi has organized many book festivals, book streets to maintain and arouse passion of the Capital’s young readers.
Numerous readers participate in the Hanoi Book Festival
Numerous readers participate in the Hanoi Book Festival
At present, Hanoi has a wide variety of large libraries, book stores and publishing houses in the capital city, such as: National Library of Vietnam, Hanoi Library, Central Library of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, etc. Apart from a network of bookstores, libraries, every year, there are a series of exciting book activities in the capital city. Many large-scale book festivals, book days, book streets have drawn the participation of numerous readers in the area.
Especially, under the theme “Books and Integration”, the Book Festival 2016, which was held in Thang Long Royal Citadel on the occasion of 62nd anniversary of the Capital Liberation Day (October 10, 1954-2016), remarked over 20 years since Viet Nam joined Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the first time of founding ASEAN Community. 

The Book Festival is not only a chance of reading culture but also the opportunity to exchange culture among nations, especially countries in the ASEAN community. Along with the participation of numerous famous publishing houses across the country, the Book Festival 2016 also saw attendance of a series of well-known publishers all over the world, such as: Cambridge, Oxford (England), Copperath (Germany), Glanat (France), Susseaeta (Spain), Graph-Art (Hungary), Japan UNI Agency, Frobel- kan (Japan), Zikrrul (Indonesia), Kyowon (Korea), etc as well as the ASEAN Publishing Association and some publishing associations of member countries. 

On the framework of the Book Festival 2016, Hanoi held a series of diversified activities with social significance, especially the contest “The Capital’s reading cultural ambassador 2016” for children. As the first competition relating to books, the contest attracted more than 10,000 students in schools, education and training divisions.
On the occasion of Lunar New Year 2017, local people experienced a colorful book space. The book street was decorated with numerous flowers, ornamental trees, peach blossoms, bearing the Tet atmosphere characteristic of Hanoi. Taking place from January 30 to February 5, 2017 (from Lunar January 3rd to 9th), the Hanoi Spring Book Street 2017 gathered 25 book booths representing for many  popular domestic publishing houses, book companies. The event drew the participation of thousands of readers and sold 250,000 copies of books. The entire proceed of over VND 15 million from selling Tet newspapers was purchased books to donate school libraries and cultural post offices in mountainous and extremely difficult communes. 
Similarly, the scheme of Hanoi’s Book Street at 19/12 Street in Hoan Kiem District which has been deployed by the capital city since 2016, is scheduled to open on May 1, 2017 to glorify reading culture. The  Hanoi Book Street will be designed and built in harmony with the landscape and architecture of surrounding areas. In addition, all book stalls are decorated simply to focus on featuring books as well as ensure aesthetics, modernity, civilization, friendliness and provide solutions for disabled people, children, the elderly to access books. It is expected that the Hanoi Book Street will be a new cultural address, a reading space for all readers in the Capital city.
On the sidelines of the book festivals, Hanoi will also organize a wide range of exciting activities relating to books, such as: exchanging with authors, works, traditional music performances, folk games, exhibitions of pictures, books, etc, contributing to building and developing reading culture as well as widely spreading the love of books in the community.
Translated by Tuan Minh
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