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The Capital of Hanoi to popularize policies on fire safety

Updated at Friday, 11 Aug 2017, 20:32
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi People’s Committee issues Plan 183/KH-UBND dated August 7 to implement Decree 05/2017/NQ-HDND dated July 4, 2017 on handling facilities below standards of fire fighting and prevention in Hanoi, which are put into operation before Law on Fire Fighting and Prevention 27/2001/QH10 takes effect.
Under the plan, the Municipal People’s Committee urges more effort for following tasks:

Increasing information work and popularization of policies and laws of the Party and the State on fire fighting and prevention. Through the popularization, the city expects to increase public awareness and create consensus among the people for fire fighting and prevention. Party units and governments at all levels highlight fire safety is one of the key tasks;

Reviewing, conducting survey and making list of facilities to be amended according to the Decree; assessing the criteria below fire fighting and prevention standard, considering and proposing measures to fix them according to regulations; classifying subjects to be amended according to the sectors under management of authorities; specifying state budget investment at different levels (central, city, district, suburban district and town levels), and non-state budget investment; sum up the information, and submit the list of facilities to be relocated and facilities to take fire safety measures to the Hanoi People’s Committee to ask for approval; suggest, recommend proper places according to the planning to relocate incapable facilities and to protect fire safety; conducting surveys, making cost estimates to fix the substandard criteria of fire fighting and prevention; allocating state budget, approve capitals for investment public investment projects, and approve policy on support, compensation and allocation of land fund for the establishments to be relocated;

Taking measures and solutions to handle substandard facilities which are put into operation before Law on Fire Fighting and Prevention 27/2001/QH10 takes effect, warehouses, and processing facilities of petroleum products, gas and hazardous chemicals prone to fire and explosion in residential areas and crowded places according to the Decree. During the process of fulfilling procedures for relocation, owners of the facilities must take measures and solutions to protect fire safety, such as reducing the scope and increasing fire fighting and prevention equipments. If the facilities do not implement the plan, authorities will suspend their operation, withdraw their license according to legal regulations (investment registration certificate, business registration certificate, certificate for meeting business conditions, certificate for meeting security and order conditions), and apply punishment according to the current law.   
Trung Kien
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