Administrative center: Economic viability and convenience

Updated at Tuesday, 12 Sep 2017, 19:08
The Hanoitimes - From the end of 2017 onward, Hanoi’s plan of moving offices, departments to 02 administrative centers at Tay Ho and Hai Ba Trung Districts have gained attention from the public.
Many opinions have been supportive to this plan, which is a breakthrough, creating convenient and comfortable for citizens and enterprises in transaction. If the plan proves effective, it will be a good solution with regard to the economic viability.
Perspective drawing of the administrative center in Vo Chi Cong Street, Tay Ho District.
Perspective drawing of the administrative center in Vo Chi Cong Street, Tay Ho District.
Hanoi’s leaders said, the administrative center is not a way to cut investment, but is aimed to maximize citizens’ benefits and utilize investment infrastructure effectively. According to the Finance Department, of the 02 administrative centers, the first is located in Vo Chi Cong street (Tay Ho District) with a 18 floor – building completed, while a 14 floor – building is being finalized so that at the end of 2017 and the start of 2018, 8 administrative agencies will move in. The next administrative center is expected to be built in the area of former building of Hanoi Construction Department (52 Le Dai Hanh Street, Hai Ba Trung District), right after the department move in the center in Vo Chi Cong street. In the future, all administrative agencies will move here.

The most important aspect for citizens is that, when administrative centers are completed, the one stop shop function will be responsible for all offices and departments, which means citizens will save time when coming to administrative offices. In reality, there are administrative procedures related to multiple agencies, so it takes time for citizens and enterprises to go to multiple places while the traffic in Hanoi is crowded all the time. As such, moving related agencies to one place, such as Finance Department, Planning & Investment Department, Construction Department is the main objective. Moreover, other functions and utilities of the building will be utilized to the maximum such as conference room, meeting room by all administrative agencies instead of a single one. According to experts, this is an useful solution for economic viability and convenience.

From moving administrative agencies to one place, with the plan of a shortened processing time for dossiers, reduction and eventual elimination of the travel costs of transacting enterprises, and increased transparency and openness in administrative procedures have proven a breakthrough for Hanoi. In addition to an improved connection between agencies, for each task there is a clear of who is responsible and how long it takes to complete. Importantly, the structure is refined, in turn saving expense for the government in various aspects, such as: administrative office and procedures, travelling cost and time. After the arrangement of these agencies, it is estimated that Hanoi will have 1000 land plots available. Hanoi leaders said, these land plot if do not have a clear plan for the future will be auctioned to be included in state budget.

Many said the administrative center is a right direction for Hanoi at the moment, as the city has been pushing for decentralization recently. As such, with the determination to restructure administrative procedures, Hanoi will continue making breakthrough in creating convenience for citizens and enterprises when coming to administrative office. 
Ngoc Thuy - Tran Ha