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Developing modern public transport services to reduce traffic congestion and individual vehicle

Updated at Thursday, 05 Oct 2017, 19:19
The Hanoitimes - In order to restrict individual transport vehicle and encourage people to use public transport, it is necessary to develop modern public transport services to meet the transport demand of citizens.
The urban railway route Cat Linh - Ha Dong in construction.
The urban railway route Cat Linh - Ha Dong in construction.
In the context of developing socio-economic situation with rapid urbanization rate and improved living conditions, population of Hanoi is growing significantly. Along with this is the increase number of individual vehicles, while the transport infrastructure does not meet the current demand.IN the period 2011-2016, the increase rate of urban road is 3.85% per year, road area is 0.25% per year, while car increases 10.2% per year, and motorbike increases 6.7% per year. As of present, Hanoi has approx. 5.5 million motorbikes, 500.000 cars, not mentioning 1 million transport vehicles from other provinces going in and out of Hanoi.

Public transport has improved significantly, but only meet 10% of the transport demand of citizens, which is not up to requirements as main transport services in Hanoi. Besides, bus network is not attractive enough for citizens to choose bus instead of motorbikes. On the other hand, citizens sometimes not follow the traffic law, which is one of the main reason for traffic congestion, traffic safety and environmental pollution. 

Therefore, the introduction of the proposal “Improve road transport vehicle management to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution in Hanoi for period 2017 – 2020, with vision to 2030” has a timely effect to the current situation. With the trend of of expanding Hanoi, other functions of an urban area such as living space, working and studying space are more and more in distance with each other, which result in higher demand for transportation. 

In order to implement the proposal with an effort to develop smart transport system, it is necessary to develop transport infrastructure in balance with urban development. Hanoi should focus on mobilizing resources, expanding and upgrading transport routes, building bridges and removing traffic congestion spots. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on smart transport to manage and deal with violation in traffic.

For public transport, the city need to speed up the implementation progress of constructing Hanoi urban railway, improving the network of Bus rapid transport (BRT), so that citizens can easily access the system. Improving the frequency of bus to meet the demand of citizens not only going to workplace, but also for other purposes. Another important mission is to raise the people’s awareness on traffic law and developing transport culture. Which is to focus in three aspects: putting traffic law in the foremost, strictly deal with traffic violation, people are respect to each other when participate in traffic; promoting traffic law to citizens. Besides, it is necessary to promote the benefits and advantages of public transport to citizens. Especially, Hanoi need to encourage public officials to use public transport. Enterprises also need to support employees using public transport to gradually reduce individual vehicles. With this foundation, people will lean toward using public transport. 
Ngoc Thuy - Van Du
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