Saturday, 16 Dec 2017

The Capital gains significant progress in building Hanoians' elegant lifestyle

Updated at Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017, 14:22
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi Party Committee Program 04-CTr/TU has issued Report 272-BC/BCD on significant process of improving quality of human resources, building Hanoians` elegant lifestyle and developing comprehensively to meet demand in the new era.


According to assessment, over the past year, Hanoi has witnessed remarkable progress. Leadership is conducted methodically; programs and projects are built timely, which specify measures, targets, missions and assignments; the process is popularized and put into practice in all agencies, sectors and levels.

Quality of human resources is increased; planning, recruitment and training for civil servants are implemented comprehensively; capacity and qualification of staffs are improved. General education is developed comprehensively, and quality is guaranteed. Further effort is made to build high-quality schools and launch new model of training towards international integration.

Vocational training has significant success. State management of carrier education is centralized; high-quality vocational training schools are built. Enrollment is conducted in harmony with recruitment demand of enterprises; rural vocational training is rectified and improved. Rate of trained laborers is increased over 2% on average; the rate is estimated at 59.9% for 2017, and expected to be 70-75% for the whole tenure.

Further education is conducted in various manners, focusing on ethics and behaviors in families. Code of conduct for civil servants and Code of conduct in public places are issued and put into practice. Project on improving quality of culture model and project on completing cultural institution are built, focusing on cultural institution and regulation on operating, exploiting cultural institution in villages, hamlets and residential groups.

The City also encourages cultured and elegant lifestyle, and launches education of cultured and elegant lifestyle in schools. Programs are carried out to improve behavior and attitude of health workers, increase management of festivals, and encourage weddings and funerals in new style. More attention is paid to developing reading culture; information technology is applied more in management and social affairs.
Anh Kiet
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