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Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee receives new Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam

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The Hanoitimes - On Nov 1, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee received Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam Kari Kahiluoto on occasion of his new term in Vietnam.
The new Ambassador briefed, during this month, Finnish Deputy Minister of Economic & Employment would pay a visit to Hanoi. He is in high hope that, via the visit as well as upcoming events of Finnish Embassy, the cooperation between Hanoi and Finland’s cities would be enhanced, especially in clean energy, renewable energy, environment, urban development…etc.
Kari Kahiluoto also mentioned the plan of giving 100 Terminalia trees to Hanoi on Nov 25, with the aim to celebrate 100th anniversary of Finnish National Day and promote Finland-Vietnam relation. During the ambassador term in Vietnam, he hopes to receive positive support from Hanoi municipal authority.
Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee receives Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam Kari Kahiluoto
Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee receives Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam Kari Kahiluoto

Appraising all the suggestions and information from the new ambassador, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee wished Mr Kari Kahiluoto would play role as the positive connector and contribute to level up the relationship between Hanoi as well as Vietnam with Finland. Affirming that  the ambassador's concern in line with Hanoi development priorities, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung introduced some of Hanoi development master plans in the future.  
During the period of 2016-2020, Hanoi authority aims to supply clean water to 100 percent of suburb areas, improve clean water factories with technology “drink from tape”, solve the garbage issue, improve water environment, replace current light system with energy-saving one…etc.
In the climate of Hanoi encouraging domestic enterprises to research and exchange technology  with international community, the municipal authority hopes to receive positive support from European nations, including Finland in above fields.
About the 100th anniversary of Finnish National Day in Hanoi, the Chairman said that Hanoi authority approved receving the 100 Terminalia trees from Finland. The ceremony of planting these trees on Nov 25 would witness the participant of Hanoi Leaders.  “Hanoi authority backs and facilitates all the events involved in Finnish National Day's 100th anniversary”, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung pressed.
Finland and Vietnam established diplomatic relation in 1973. Experiencing more than 40 years of development, the relation has been continuously improved and levered up. From 1973 until 2015, Finland has assisted Vietnam with approximately 470 million euros, according to OECD statistics.Finland concentrates its support to Vietnam now on two sectors: 1) natural resources management and climate change and 2) knowledge society.
Finland and Vietnam organize frequent high-level visits to each country. In 2016 Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Lenita Toivakka visited Vietnam with a delegation consisting of representatives from education, cleantech and ICT sectors. A similar delegation travelled to Vietnam with Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori in 2014. The Finnish Minister for International Development Heidi Hautala visited Vietnam in January 2013 with a clean-tech business delegation. In April 2013, the Audit Committee of the Parliament of Finland visited Vietnam. The Vietnamese National Assembly Vice Chairman Phung Quoc Hien visited Finland 2016, and Vice Minister Hoang Trung Hai 2014.The President of Vietnam Nguyễn Minh Triết made an official visit to Finland in May 2010. In addition, several vice ministers and representatives of parliamentary committees of the Vietnamese National Assembly have visited Finland recently.
Photo&Content:Cam Anh
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