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Hanoi to enhance forest management and protection

Updated at Friday, 29 Dec 2017, 13:40
The Hanoitimes - The Hanoi People’s Committee has recently issued Official Letter No. 6449/UBND-KT, requesting relevant agencies, units and localities having forest to increase forest management and protection, fire fighting and prevention.
Under the Official Letter, People’s Committees of cities and provinces under the Central Government shall take following actions:

Realizing Announcement No. 511/TB-VPCP dated November 1, 2017 of the Government’s Office on implementing conclusions of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the national online conference on increasing forest management and protection and measures for the near future;


Proactively implementing regulations of the State on forest protection, fire fighting and prevention;

Realizing popularization and education activities in order to increase people’s awareness, help them see the special role of forest in socio-economic development, environment and ecosystem protection and reduce negative effect of climate change; recognize and honor good people and good deeds in the field of forest protection, fire fighting and prevention, thus spreading them in the community;

Directing inter-sector forces (forest protection, police and army forces) to realize cooperation regulation in forest protection, fire fighting and prevention; urge relevant agencies of provinces to prepare plans to ensure human resources, materials, equipment and logistics in localities to respond to forest fire; urge subordinate units to increase cooperation with forest protection officers and governments at all levels to mobilize forces, supplies and equipment and timely handle emergencies in case of forest fire;

Conducting inspection, supervision, and urge fire fighting and prevention in key places; check plans and measures for fire safety of the forests according to the four on-spot motto; provide guidance, and closely manage slash-and-burn agriculture according to the planning; assign officers on duty 24 hours, and mobilize forces to supervise the key places to prevent fire sources; detect fires promptly, and take drastic measures to mobilize on-site forces for responding timely.


If there are many dead, broken trees, fallen leaves and dead vegetation in low layer of the forest due to recent flood and storm, and it leads to large amounts of fire materials in the forest, the local government shall immediately take following measures:

Cleaning the forest, improve its condition or improve fire prevention roads; check, add key places of fire safety into the fire fighting and prevention plan; allocate stations to closely control visitors to the forest; allocate forces, equipment and plan on fire fighting for aforementioned places;

Taking drastic measures to punish people who intentionally cause forest fire or destroy the forest; punish organizations, individuals and leaders of relevant organizations and agencies according to their responsibilities and authority, if they do not take measures to protect the forest, prevent and fight forest fire.

In response to the document, the Hanoi People’s Committee assigns Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with relevant agencies, units, People’s Committees of districts and towns having forest to strictly realize instruction of the Ministry; increase management and forest protection, fire fighting and prevention; check and urge localities and units to prepare and approve fire safety plan according to regulations; punish the ones who intentionally cause fire or destroy forest, as wellas organizations and individuals who do not take actions according to their responsibility and authority to protect the forest and prevent fire.
Trung Kien
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