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Three targets of reduction by Hanoi Education

Updated at Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017, 15:54
The Hanoitimes - Reduction of settlement time, records and costs for organizations and citizens are the criteria contented in "Three targets of reduction" in the process of administrative procedures (AP) set by Hanoi Department of Education and Training (DET) to facilitate people at maximum and this aim kept focusing in the academic year 2016-2017.
Maximum Saving Time and Cost
According to Director of the DET, Mr. Nguyen Huu Do, solving AP in aspect of education and training, especially the families of over 1.7 million students already contributed to solve AR problems for nearly 1/4 of the City population. Therefore, the Department held several meeting to review AP types, process of AP settlement by the method of "3 targets of reduction”.
At the end of July 2016, the Department has reduced from 54 to 40 APs, minimizing settlement time. Thanks to the software construction and implementation of student degree, time to issue diplomas dropped from 7 days to one day, certified copies of diplomas from 5 days to one day, facilitate thousands of students each year. 31 out of 40 APs also reduced related to records, papers resulted from the fact that citizens do not have to submit certified copies, etc.
The 2015 results and early seven months of 2016 findings showed the sector has settled 98.5% of the 5,577 received records.
Over the years, the sector did not receive claim letters related to AP settlement. In particular, the Department has made 100% of AP Level 2, one AP Level 4 (issued certified copies of diplomas and certificates), now are setting three AP Level 3 and developing software AP system. Towards 2020, the sector shall reach 28 APs Level 3, accounted for 70% of all AP under the Department authority.
100% records to settle properly and pre-term.

Photo for illustration
Photo for illustration
Mr. Do confirmed that the new academic year 2016 - 2017 and by 2020, the sector focused on APR with openness and transparency, minimizing the time and cost to citizens. Particularly, 100% of AP settles under the method of one-door system; 100% of AP records are resolved properly or before expiry date.
This year, the Department will work with the districts to assess related AP groups of establishment, licensing, renewal of primary education, secondary schools under the district; require 100% of Education and Training Office in districts, towns and units to publicize AP related to teachers and students. Additionally, the Department will assess citizen satisfaction in solving AP at the end of the academic year.
As for the schools, the Department has requested to set up AP related to staff, faculty, teachers, students and parents including written guide documents of the process, reception, and resulting period aimed at the fastest settlement, limited unnecessary procedures.
To implement the directive, the Principal of Nguyen Trai High School (Ba Dinh district) Mr. Pham Vuong Tan highlighted that the school will continue to implement 30 Aps towards saving time, showing a spirit of service. At the same time, the guidelines and acceptation of application dossier are implemented while paper forms are available to students and parent in the website, large rooms of dossier preparation are arranged and document-receiving order must be ensured.
However, DET leaders said that the sector still need to settle down some Party members who have not fully aware of the APR responsibility, the lack of friendly communication to citizens immediately in the background of limited propagation.
Moreover, there is a few of AP complied with the one-door system. The department also sent petition to the City authority to assign the Department of Information and Communications to build software system of APR to 100% departments and sectors for citizens modernly.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Linh
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