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Walk together to building 100 schools

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The Hanoitimes - Each year will build 10 schools, build 100 schools by 2025 globally for children in the difficult areas of the country.
This campaign was hold by the BaSF Vietnam (Build A School Foundation). A organization are a 501 nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation incorporated in the State of CA and approved by the IRS. Provide educational opportunities for poor children of the world by funding classroom constructions, school-related infrastructures, teaching and learning equipment, “need-based” scholarships and basic healthcare needs.
Walk For Dream 2 - Tiny steps, incredible change
Walk For Dream 2 - Tiny steps, incredible change
With the message spread by the power of unity, each one million people per year donate 1USD, so with 1 million USD per year, BaSF Vietnam will not only be built 10 schools that are 100 schools each year for poor children. Now, the BaSF Vietnam funded the building of 12 schools and 3 bridges in poverty stricken villages of Vietnam, including: Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Ca Mau, Ben Tre, Kien Giang… With the total amount raised was about more than 1 billion and 200 million.
To be able to build 88 schools left, apart from the money raised on your country, in Vietnam, the program has up strategy to spread the awareness of the youth program "Walk for dream 2 – Tiny steps, incredible change”.
After 2 times held on 2016 September 18 with 250 kids involved, and on 2017 March 26 there to 350 young along the walk has raised over 30 million and 4 business, each one to sponsor for one school depending on the project.
Speaking with us, Bien Kieu – member of BaSF Vietnam said: Imagine a school, with your name on a dedicated plaque, that will last for decades and impact 1000's of Vietnamese children. We built School 1 in 3 months. Now, with your generous donation, we can create your everlasting legacy of your choice. 
Walk For Dream is the festival day to evoke heart in each of your heart, especially pervasive and connecting thousands of hearts to turn “small thing to me with you into tremendous thing”. Walk For Dream 3 will be held in 2017 September.
Besides the main activities of the festival, the program has attracted a large number of media channels. Especially, the show up of second runner up of Miss Vietnam 2016 pageant Thuy Dung and many sideline activities attracted the attention of numerous youth through chain exciting game show with many attractive gifts before and just in time for the festival…
BASF Vietnam (Build a school foundation) is a non-profit organization (NPO) across the country with Funds of the same name is present in more than 5 countries expanded to include the US, UK, Australia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia. With build 100 schools by 2025 globally  for children in the difficult areas of the country.
The Fund was founded by transformational Leader Jimmy Thai. He came to US as a refugee in his 20’s, empty-handed with no education or English language.  His first job was a school janitor.  Today, he’s cracked the “Bamboo Ceiling” becoming a VP of a Fortune500 company and offered keynote speech/seminars on the American Dream. He serves on the Board of Directors for National Association for Asian American Professionals (NAAAP-Southern California).
 In 2010, Jimmy Thai was placed in the top 18 speakers of Toastmasters International’s World Championship of Public Speaking , an annual competition with 25,000+ contestants from 106 countries, with his speech "10 Seconds to the American Dream".  He’s earned the highest award, Distinguished Toastmaster, and founded Leadership Foundation Academy to develop Mind-Body-Heart leaders. He teaches kick-boxing at Rancho YMCA, and Systems Engineering and Project Management for Fortune500 corporations and universities.
Translated by Ha Phuong
Source: Kim
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