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STEM – Renewing teaching and learning method, improving education quality

Updated at Friday, 01 Sep 2017, 11:47
The Hanoitimes - STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and encompasses a wide range of subjects related to each of those terms. STEM provides students with necessary knowledge to make contributions to the national core industries.
 STEM helps pupils develop the essential skills: criticism, problem solving, team working, communication and creativity. STEM enables students with creativity, logical thinking  and all help them acquire  soft skills in a comprehensive way.STEM education has applied advanced and flexible education method: learning through projects-topics, learning with games.Especially, creative activities play an important roll  in STEM, teaching and learning through practicing is the plus point and can not be separated in STEM.According to UNESCO, STEM education is the key for creativity and economy development in the world of internet connecting where people are surrounded by technology and creativity.

Ph.D Nguyen Tung Lam – Principal  of Dinh Tien Hoang Secondary school ( Ba Dinh – HaNoi) said that VietNam as well as other countries in the world is entering the Industrial Revolution 4.0. so STEM education needs to be enhanced in schools. Schools must applies STEM.STEM education will change learning and teaching method to  suit the new educational programs after2018 of Ministry of Education and Training.Dinh Tien Hoang Secondary School is in the process of innovation and we focus on training skills. Our education programs will focus on demeanour, reading  culture and STEM....” The last shool year, we found  the  creative club which promote  STEM and attracted  pupils’ interest,” Nguyen Tung Lam said.  
According to  Ph. D Lam, his school has organized  specialized group to guide the  teachers in changing the understanding  and teaching method of STEM. Which focuses on “creative self – learning” through training programs and practicing.

Renovating teaching method and “creative self – learning” need  specialized teachers, especially science teachers to help pupils know how to apply theory in life and  how to work in team. Each teacher must have at least 2 exercises or organize programs for pupils to practice.Especially these programs and  exercises have to be approved by the  specialized group. The leaders of the specialized group will check, test and make report to school authority- Mr Lam added.

STEM education started to be  applied in this school year so there will be challenges ahead. It  requires teachers to change teaching method and pupils to change in learning method .In the past, Vietnamese pupils often learn theory and bypassed practice. Now STEM will bring us new teaching method. In summary, STEM not only helps pupils have more chances to practice, improves their skills but also requires teachers to  renovate teaching method, improve teaching and learning quality and this will be the basis  for renovating education programs after 2018.
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