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Vietnamese young people learn to "Innovate like a Swede"

Updated at Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017, 09:32
The Hanoitimes - Embassy of Sweden along with Vietnam`s Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Science and Technology on 18 Sep kicked off the contest “Innovate like a Swede”.

This nationwide competition heads to inspire sustainable development in response to the many challenges that Vietnam faces in terms of climate change and sustainable development issues. The purpose of the contest is to encourage Vietnamese students to innovative and solution based thinking that is sustainable, creative and that has a positive future impact.
Johan Alvin Second Secretary at the Embassy of Sweden speaks at the kick-off event
Johan Alvin Second Secretary at the Embassy of Sweden speaks at the kick-off event

The contest will be a yearly, re-occurring event which will allow the participating students to find a sustainable solution to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in a Vietnamese context. This year the competition focuses on goal no. 12: Responsible production and consumption and it will inspire Vietnamese students to be innovative and find tangible solutions to reaching this goal.
“For Sweden, reaching the Sustainable Development Goals is of very high priority and as an embassy we work to promote these values in Vietnam and to encourage an exchange of knowledge and ideas between our two countries. Innovation and cooperation across borders and sectors is a key aspect for reaching a sustainable present and future. In addition to this, it is crucial to engage the future leaders and the innovators of tomorrow to create a context where sustainable solutions are preferred. That is why Innovate like a Swede is so important. It mergers the Swedish innovate capacity and knowledge of well-established international companies, with the young and creative minds of Vietnam” says Johan Alvin Second Secretary at the Embassy of Sweden. He further comments on the opportunities for young Vietnamese students to be innovative and find solutions to reaching the SDG’s in a Vietnamese context “Vietnam faces many challenges, but with these challenges there is also opportunity to be innovative and to think outside of the box. This is something that we want to encourage through Innovate Like a Swede”.
 Phạm Quang Hưng, Vice head of Foreign Affair Cooperation Bureau, Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training pressed: “During the past year, Sweeden’s government supports remarkably to Vietnam in education and healthcare. Especially, Sweden is the world’s pioneer in creativity capacity thanks to the policy of encouraging freedom, leading and critical thinking. The country concentrates on innovation, science research. A stark example that Nobel founder is Swede inventor-chemist Alfred Nobel. “Innovate like a Swede” is the chance for Vietnam young generation show their creativity, creating useful playground for them to learn experience from each other. I'm in high hope that all the attendants in the contest would try their best for the highest performance.”
In addition, Mr Trân Xuân Đích, Vice Head of Science – Technology Market and Enterprise Development, Ministry of Science and Technology affirmed: “Experience of intentional community including Sweden proves that innovation plays important and essential role in pushing economic growth, contributing to job market, export and prospect.  Ministry of Science and Technology is directed by the government to be the clue in improving Global innovation Index of Vietnam, enhancing Vietnam competitiveness in the worldwide economy. We highly appreciate the contest “Innovate like a Swede” which could significantly connect young people with innovative thinking. Hence, these creative ideas would take chance to spread and come into reality”.
Competition candidates can form team of two members and send the submissions no later than Nov 11 2017. The winner team would earn a trip to Singapore and go for sight-seeing at innovation research centers of Swede enterprises in the region.  
Photo & Content: Tu Anh
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