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Samsung to support the development of Vietnamese workforce speaking Korean

Updated at Saturday, 28 Oct 2017, 17:49
The Hanoitimes - A scholarship program up to 6 billion VND will be financed by Samsung Vietnam Electronics to support 6 universities in the effort of developing human resources speaking Korean. The program will be carried out annually.
As such, 117 students at the 3rd and 4th year of 6 universities in Hanoi, Hue, Danang and Da Lat will be the recipients of the Samsung Korean Scholarship (SKS) with value up to 6 billion USD. At the same time, Samsung and 6 Vietnamese universities also signed Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) to facilitate and improve Korean training programs at universities, including 3 main activities such as: supporting students being recipients of SKS, supporting the universities’ development funds; pledging to organize internship programs for students. 
Samsung Display Vietnam was invested with total investment up to 1 billion USD.
Samsung Display Vietnam was invested with total investment up to 1 billion USD.
The list of 6 universities under the cooperation program are Universities of Languages and International Studies (Hanoi National University), Universities of Social Sciences and Humanities (Hanoi National University), Hanoi University, University of Foreign Language (Hue University), University of Foreign Language (Danang University) and Da Lat University. 

The program of developing Vietnamese workforce speaking Korean will be implemented annually with an important objective of enhancing the quality of Vietnamese human resources speaking Korean. ”The Korean speaking scholarship program is Samsung Electronics Vietnam’s long thought vision. With the increase inflow of the foreign direct investment (FDI), in which includes the wave of Korean enterprises and the rapid economic growth of Vietnam, demand for human resources speaking foreign languages has significantly increased. The role these qualified personnel will be more and more important, not only in translation, but also in other business management fields such as human resources management, finance, research & development (R&D), and production” – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Samsung Electronics Vietnam Shim Won Hwan revealed. 

According to Mr. Shim, the cooperation between Samsung and universities in this program will lay foundation for Vietnamese young talents, especially for students majoring in Korean language to have more opportunities and conditions in realizing their potentials. In order to support Korean speaking human resources, Samsung Electronics Vietnam will start receiving students majoring in Korean language as interns at its factories/ research centers to provide them with practical knowledge and experiences in a professional way. It is expected that there will be around 200 Vietnamese interns at Samsung.

Besides, Samsung Electronics Vietnam will also prioritize recruiting newly graduated students majoring in Korean language or former interns at Samsung Electronics Vietnam. This is also consistent with the effort of Samsung in increase the number of Vietnamese enterprises to take part in its supply chain to 29 tier 1 vendors by the end of this year. After 3 years, the number is expected to rise to 50 enterprises. Currently, a total of 215 enterprises, including 25 tier-1 vendors and 190 tier-2 vendors, are currently participating in the supply chain for Samsung’s factories in Vietnam. Samsung Vietnam has achieved a significant breakthrough in increasing the localization rate of its products from 35 per cent in 2014 to 57 per cent at present.

At present, total investment of Samsung into Vietnam has increased to 17 billion USD. Samsung is expected to export products with value up to 50 billion USD in 2017, contributing to 20% of Vietnam export. Currently, two factories of Samsung in Vietnam have the biggest scale and the most modern in all Samsung's factories in the world.
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