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Refactoring the pedagogical system to meet the new program

Updated at Wednesday, 01 Nov 2017, 10:16
The Hanoitimes - According to experts, teacher training institutions are the main providers of teachers and educational administrators for the education system.
Over the past few years, the primary goal of the teacher-training colleges is to train students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that best meet the requirements of the general curriculum.

Prof. Dinh Quang Bao, former Rector of the Hanoi University of Education, stressed to renovate the program and textbooks of general education. "In fact, one of the reasons leading to limitations on the professional capacity of teachers comes from the backwardness of the curricula in teacher training institutions," said Prof. Dinh Quang Bao. The former head of Hanoi Teachers' Training College emphasized that the new general education program had major changes in terms of orientation, objectives and program structure. The current teacher training facility will not meet the change.

Since the general education curriculum is divided into two phases of basic education and vocational education, the pedagogical universities must integrate into the curriculum so that graduates can teach both subjects in junior and senior high schools. The innovation of the teacher training program should be carried out in a synchronous manner, in cooperation and sharing among reputable pedagogical schools throughout the country. However, renovating training programs at teacher training institutions requires a considerable amount of funding. From this reality, Prof. Dinh Quang Bao said that requires cooperation and sharing between the leading teacher training schools. On the other hand, this is always accompanied by the conditions of facilities, teaching staff, the system of trainees.

In addition, the renovation of the curriculum will likely lead to the failure of some teacher training institutions, which would require restructuring the country's pedagogical institutions. This is an indispensable and urgent task ahead of the program and textbook renewal threshold. In addition, the State should also issue preferential policies for teacher training institutions, create conditions for attracting high-quality inputs and improving the lives of teachers so that they can be assured of their work and dedication. "It is also a good implementation of the Party's policy of education as the top national policy, investment for education is investment for development," said Prof. Dinh Quang Bao.
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