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The female anesthesia resurgence "swinging" in the operating room

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The Hanoitimes - Behind the blue cloth, the surgeons` operations, anesthesia resurgences are working hard, dealing with the bad cases.
Working in silence, the anesthetists and rehabilitation practitioners are constantly on the sidelines in every surgery and they play a decisive role in the success of the operation.

Colonel Nguyen Minh Ly, Dean of Anesthesia Resurgence Department, Military Hospital 108, shared that if not having love, they cannot follow the job. For example, men and women, who choose to work as stress-press, often stand between life and death. It is imperative that every physician's behavior is urgent, serious, careful, meticulous and professional. As a woman, the sisters are involved in all stages of anesthesia, resuscitation, emergency and surgical services.

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue awarded the Vietnam Women's Prize in 2017 to members of the Women's Union of the Anesthesiology Center, Military Hospital 108
Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue awarded the Vietnam Women's Prize in 2017 to members of the Women's Union of the Anesthesiology Center, Military Hospital 108
After the operation, the surgical team can remove the gloves, remove the clothes, but the anesthesia team will continue their mission, help the patient escape and can slowly breathe naturally, do not depend on breathing machine. "There are surgery for hours or even from morning to night, we have to take turns "swinging" in the operating room from morning to night, lunch time is not enough to eat," Ms. Ly shared.

Not only that, they are also women who have many great innovations. Over the past 60 years, they have been involved in all aspects of resuscitation, emergency and surgical services, with six initiatives being used such as developing routine, hand washing procedures, 3 layers of sterile mattress applied to 75% of patients; reducing the cost of antibiotics from 4-5 billion per year. They chair 8 topics at all levels and is the author / co-author of 50 scientific researches.

Chairwoman of the Women's Anesthesia Association, Dinh Thi Thu Trang, said that over the past few years, women and the community have participated actively and safely in many charitable surgery programs. Continuing from 2011 until now, they have joined the operations of human surgery operation of the US Operation Walk for knee and hip replacement for patients; humoral humanoid and facial features for children cleft palate mouth to bring smile and happy childhood for children is charity program full of humanity.

From 1996 up to now, we have been participating in Operation Smile (Korea, USA, Australia), humanitarian surgery face to face with children, average of 100 - 200 children per phase for most provinces, cities in the country, especially in remote areas.

With these great contributions, the female staff members, women members of the Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation, Military Hospital 108 was honored to be awarded the Vietnam Women Prize in 2017 to recognize the dedication talents, brightness, creation in the construction and defense of the country.
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