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“Alibaba's World” book to be display at Autumn Book Festival 2017 in Hanoi

Updated at Thursday, 09 Nov 2017, 14:22
The Hanoitimes - The 2017 Autumn Book Festival, focusing on the topic of international integration, opened at the Vietnam Women`s Museum, No. 36 Ly Thuong Kiet street, Hanoi on November 8.
“Alibaba's World” book to be display at Autumn Book Festival 2017 in Hanoi.
“Alibaba's World” book to be display at Autumn Book Festival 2017 in Hanoi.
This year’s Autumn Book Festival is co-organised by three publishing houses, including Youth Publishing House, Vietnam Women's Publishing House, and Kim Dong Publishing House. These publishers will introduce readers to books from a variety of genres such as foreign languages books, books for startups and economic books, to help the reader to equip skills during the integration process.
According to Khuc Thi Hoa Phuong, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Vietnam Women's Publishing House, the 2017 Autumn Book Festival’s chosen theme aims to spread the spirit of the APEC High-level Week 2017 and create the momentum for joining hands to build the future.
On the sideline of the event, numerous talks between famous authors and readers, as well as forums and seminars will also be held to create an opportunity to connect the readers and authors, which is expected to attract a large number of book lovers.
The readers also have the opportunity to buy books at 15% to 50% off or pick a book from one-price shelves of VND 15,000, VND 20,000 and VND 30,000, as well as many gifts from the three publishers.
In addition, Alibaba's World: How a Remarkable Chinese Company Is Changing the Face of Global Business book will be display at Autumn Book Festival 2017. In Alibaba's World, author Porter Erisman, one of Alibaba's first Western employees and its head of international marketing from 2000 to 2008, shows how Jack Ma, a Chinese schoolteacher who twice failed his college entrance exams, rose from obscurity to found Alibaba and lead it from struggling start-up to the world's most dominant e-commerce player.
He shares stories of weathering the dot-com crash, facing down eBay and Google, negotiating with the unpredictable Chinese government, and enduring the misguided advice of foreign experts, all to build the behemoth that's poised to sweep the e-commerce world today.
And he analyzes Alibaba's role as a harbinger of the new global business landscape - with its focus on the East rather than the West, emerging markets over developed ones, and the nimble entrepreneur over the industry titan. As we face this near future, the story of Alibaba - and its inevitable descendants - is both essential and instructive.
The organizing board will spend a portion of the book's revenue this year to donate to the charity fund of the Vietnam Women's Museum. The event runs until November 12.
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