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More love from the simple things

Updated at Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017, 08:20
The Hanoitimes - Understanding the limitations that Vietnamese students are experiencing in their studies and research, Nguyen Xuan Diep, lecturer of Le Quy Don Technical University, has successfully implemented and tested the virtual experiment for teaching subjects under the discipline of "Department of metal forming".
Quite calm and uncommunicative, but when sharing about the story around the lecture hall or laboratory, the young lieutenant is quite lively and enthusiastic. Diep is one of the youngest instructors in the military engineering academy to participate in the program "Young Learners with Education 2017" in the project "Building virtual experiments for teaching and experimental subjects under pressure processing". This is also one of the projects that reached the top 10 of the 329 outstanding projects of the country at the Young Educational Program for Education held and awarded in this early November.
Lieutenant Nguyen Xuan Diep, lecturer of the Military Academy of Engineering
Nguyen Xuan Diep, lecturer of the Military Academy of Engineering
It is very close to Diep's students, although he is in the factory, but Diep regularly receives emails, telephone that students exchange and ask for advice on learning issues. "The volunteer activities of the academy's Youth Union help me open and active with my students. Be willing to support the maximum for students in terms of expertise as well as learning consultancy," Diep shared.

Diep said that the simple things that not only make teachers feel very happy and warm-hearted. For the students, teachers want to learn in the process of learning with themselves as well as with the people around, trying to equip themselves with good knowledge, soft skills and expertise, to have a solid stock after graduation. "In the process of teaching, I also give some advice on how to direct the children to invest more deeply in what field so that they can maximize the ability and knowledge learned in the work," Diep said.

Diep said that when he first returned home on November 20, he remembered the first day of his life. "For the first time, I was touched by students and friends and sent greetings. Those wishes made a young lecturer like myself motivated by encouraging me to continue on my chosen path," he shared.
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