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Making breakthroughs in studying foreign language

Updated at Thursday, 28 Dec 2017, 21:07
The Hanoitimes - The Prime Minister has signed the Decision No.2080/QD-TTG to approve the modified plan on studying and teaching foreign language nationwide in period 2017 – 2025.
The orientation of the modified plan is to make breakthrough in the quality of teaching and studying foreign language in all academic levels, encouraging the inclusion of foreign language in schools from kindergartens upward, as well as in social activities. On the other hand, the plan also promotes teaching other subjects in English, such as mathematics or sciences. 
Teaching english in elementary education.
Teaching english in elementary school.
At the same time, it is important to apply advanced technologies in teaching and studying foreign language suitable with for all students, so that they can learn and access English anywhere and any when, through all kinds of devices, especially in speaking and listening skills. Creating an studying environment for foreign language in schools, home and society, so that teachers, students and family members can all learn foreign languages. 

Ensuring the foreign language skills and teaching capabilities of teachers at all academic levels. Improving the checking process of teachers’ capabilities, evaluating the efficiency in teaching and studying foreign languages. Prioritizing the improvement of the quality in teaching and learning foreign languages, especially in rural areas or in highlands. Utilizing social resources and the role of foreign language centers in studying and teaching foreign languages outside schools. 

For kindergarten education until 2020, it is important to complete the teaching methods of foreign languages for children. By 2020, offering optional subjects in foreign languages for 1st and 2nd grades students. By 2025, the objective is 100% of students from 3rd to 6th grades to be included in the 10 year – program on teaching foreign language (starting from 3rd grade to 12th grade); 50% of educational facilities to implement teaching foreign language in accordance with each professions and sectors; 

Also by 2025, 100% university graduates to implement teaching foreign languages based on the market requirements and each profession; offering training courses for teachers in foreign languages. In order to fulfill these objectives, the plan offers 8 important measures; firstly, to issue and implement teaching materials and methods to study and learning foreign languages; changing the examination and evaluating process in teaching and learning languages toward international standards, improving the national capabilities in examining foreign languages. In which, setting up the procedures to evaluate teachers’ capabilities, improving the quality of teachers; promoting technologies in teaching and learning foreign languages; promoting international cooperation, setting up efficient studying and teaching environment; administrative agencies to issue policies and regulations with regard to teaching and learning foreign languages; improving the management capabilities in checking, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the proposed plan.
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