Hanoi expects Singaporean businesses to invest in high technology

Updated at Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017, 16:46
The Hanoitimes - On April 24 afternoon, Chairman of Hanoi People`s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung met with Mr. Masagos Zunkifli, Singaporean Minister of Environment and Water Resources, who has working visit in Vietnam. The meeting also saw the attendance of Singaporean Ambassador to Vietnam Catherine Wong and representatives of the City`s departments.
Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung met Singaporean Minister for Water Resources and Environment
Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung met Singaporean Minister for Water Resources and Environment
At the reception, the two sides expressed their delight at the progressive development of the traditional friendship between the two countries, reflected in the continuous increase in the number of Singaporean investors' projects in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. It shows the confidence of investors and Singaporean people in the security environment, potential and development of Vietnam.

Appreciating the working visit of Minister Masagos Zunkifli, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said that Hanoi is a thriving urban with nearly 10 million people, is expected that it will increase to about 15 million by 2025, so the City is facing challenges, including environmental issues and clean water. Currently, only 38% of the population in rural areas have access to clean water. Hanoi strives that by 2020, 100% of the capital's inhabitants will have access to clean water in accordance with European standards (directly drinking water at the tap). To achieve the target, Hanoi will increase the exploitation of surface waters in Red River and Da River, stop the exploitation of underground water resources, and re-plan the water supply network.

Minister Masagos Zunkifli said that Singapore has to import 50% of its domestic water, so it has a lot of experience in water resources development and management, waste water treatment and waste disposal. Cooperating with Hanoi to cope with common challenges in the development process. According to Minister Masagos Zunkifli, there are three experiences with regard to water management: the price should be reasonable, the legislation related to water use must be appropriate and public awareness of water use must be improved. Besides, it needs the management technology, water loss minimum.

By the way, Minister Masagos Zunkifli has sent an invitation to Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung will attend the conference on environment and water resources that will be held in Singapore in 2018. Delegates from Hanoi will be invited to exchange experience with Singapore in the field of environment and water resources. Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung agreed and promised to arrange to attend the seminar.
By Kim Toan - Tuan Minh