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Vision for urban development

Updated at Saturday, 02 Sep 2017, 14:32
The Hanoitimes - In order to develop the economy, as well as creating a synchronized transport system in Hanoi to reduce traffic congestion, Hanoi People’s Committee has proposed preferential mechanism to choose contractors building 4 bridges over Red and Duong river, with the total investment of 38 trillion VND.
Firstly, the building project of bridge Tu Lien and the road connecting Tu Lien bridge with Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway with the length of 3km, 9km road andn total investment of 17 trillion VND, it is expected to be completed in 2021. The reason for preferential mechanism for this project is that, this project has an important role of connecting West lake area with Co Loa Citadel to form a cultural landscape of West lake – Co Loa. The construction of Tu Lien bridge and the accessing road at the front of the bridge on the north will connect the road from West lake to Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway and support for the development of the northern area of the Red river, Dong Anh district.
Vinh Tuy Bridge.
Vinh Tuy Bridge.
Secondly, the project of Duong 2 bridge construction, length 0.5km and road connecting to Bac Ninh province with length of 4.2km with total investment of 6 trillion VND, it is expected to be completed on 2021. Besides, there is also a project of bulidng Tran Hung Dao bridge with length of 3km over red river with total investment of 7 trillion VND, and is expected to be completed on 2019.  The project of building Giang Bien bridge with the connecting road at two side of the bridges, connecting with Vinh Tuy bridge, ring road 2 to Ninh Hiep (Bac Ninh) with length of 5.4km, through Long Bien and Gia Lam district, with total investment of 8 trillion VND, and is expected to be completed on 2021. These projects have been proposed to the Prime Minister to be implemented under the form of Private – Public Partnership (PPP), Build – transfer (BT) or Built – operate – transfer (BOT). Land fund for these projects will be at these commune: Yen Thuong, Duong Xa, Dong Du of Gia Lam district; Cu Khoi of Long Bien district; 

Before that, Hanoi has proposed to the Prime Minister of carrying out the Vinh Tuy bridge project, phase 2 under the form of BT. Hanoi People’s Committee identified the project is one of the critical infrastructure works in period 2016-2020; 

The question of what Hanoi will transform into in the next 20-30 years is difficult to have an accurate answer. However, urban planning requires a long term vision while the population in Hanoi is growing. As such, with the rapid urbanization process, traffic congestion is spreading, along with environmental pollution if the economy is growing year by year.  Therefore, the construction of bridges over Red and Duong river has significant meanings to transport development, in turn promoting trade and contributing to the socio-economic development of Hanoi. As an economic expert said: “Every transport infrastructure from bridge, port, airport is to serve the purpose of economic development. For development we must have vision, and this vision must be suitable for the current economic conditions and the potential”.
Ngoc Thuy - Thuan Hung
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