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Effects from tax procedures reform

Updated at Wednesday, 04 Oct 2017, 18:30
The Hanoitimes - Currently, there are 98% enterprises in Hanoi declaring tax online, in which 95% of the enterprises pay tax online. As such, with many solutions being implemented to reform the tax procedures and increase the quality services, Hanoi is one of the leading cities in Vietnam with the number of online tax declaring and payment.
Since January 2017, the Ministry of Finance has selected Hanoi to be one of the few cities to carry out the online tax refund. During the implementation process, the Tax agency has refunded online for 102 enterprises in Hanoi, in which saving time and cost for enterprises. Online tax refund is considered as a public online service state 4, in which tax payer submit their document for tax refund online, the documents will then be processed and the money transferred without tax payer having to go directly to the Tax Agency.
Supporting enterprises at Hanoi Tax Department.
Supporting enterprises at Hanoi Tax Department.

Deputy Head of Hanoi Tax Department Vien Viet Hung said, during the implementation process, the Tax agency has notified the benefits and efficiency from online tax refund. Firstly, the process can save time and effort of both the tax agency and tax payer in all phases. Secondly, it has improved the transparency and clarity in processing tax refund at Tax agency, as the status of the process is frequently updated in the online portal of the General Tax Department, so that tax payers will know the processing status of their requests. Thirdly, it has reduced the contact between tax payer and tax agency, in turn reduce possible corruption during the process. Besides, tax payer can use the record service and checking data online for tax refund, which is totally confidential and personal in the online portal of the General Tax Department.  

Mr. Vien Viet Hung added, in order to support enterprises, on August 28, the Hanoi Tax Department has organized the training event on online tax refund for more than 500 enterprises qualified for online tax refund in export and investment. Here, enterprises can receive advices with regard to tax refund and IT application to support this process. In particular, many difficulties and barriers during the implementation process of online tax refund have been dealt with by leaders of the Hanoi Tax Department. 

Previously, at the meeting between the Hanoi Secretary of Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai and the Hanoi Tax Department in August, Mr. Hoang Trung Hai has requested the Department to continue its effort in administrative reform, with the purpose of serving and creating favorable conditions for tax payers. Mr. Hai said, improving administrative reform has significantly reduced the contact between tax officials and tax payers, in turn reduce cases of corruption. However, the Tax Department has to pay more attention to the effort of corruption prevention, which should be seen as one of the priority of the Department. 
Mr. Vien Viet Hung said, Hanoi set the objective of until the end of 2017 to have 100% enterprises qualified for online tax refund in fields of export and investment, which register to use the services. In order to reduce cost and time for enterprises, creating a transparent and friendly business environment, the Hanoi Tax Department is implementing the online tax refund to ensure export enterprises and investment projects qualified for online tax refund have the conditions to quickly fulfilling its rights and obligations. 
Ngoc Thuy - Thuan Hung
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