Sunday, 19 Nov 2017

Government to support students start-up

Updated at Wednesday, 01 Nov 2017, 15:11
The Hanoitimes - The Prime Minister has approved the proposal to support students starting up until 2025.
The proposal is aimed to inspire students to start-up, as well as to equip them with necessary knowledges and skills for the start-up process when studying in schools and universities. As such, it is necessary to create favorable environment to support students materializing start-up ideas and projects, which in turn creating jobs for students after graduation. 

Until 2020, it is expected that 100% universities, colleges and vocational schools will have action plan to support students starting up; at least 90% students of universities, colleges and vocational schools are informed and raised awareness about start-up, they are also equipped with knowledges and skills for start-up process after graduation. 100% universities and 50% colleges and vocational schools to have at least 2 start-up ideas and projects developed by students, which are financed by the universities and colleges themselves, or in connection with enterprises and capital ventures. 

One of the objectives and measures to implement the proposal is to train students for start-up process. Specifically, educaitonal centers should form a specialized group to consult and support students starting up at universities, colleges and vocational school nationwide, as well as to organize training courses to improve knowledge and skills of these groups; encouraging individuals with knowledge and experiences on start-up to voluntarily taking part in the consulting process and supporting students at schools. 

Besides, organzing training courses for teachers and staffs at educational centers and developing teaching materials for students are also considered important. At the same time, it is necessary to organize training courses, workshops and conferences to exchange international expereinces for students and staffs in universities and collegse; encouraging universities, colleges and vocational schools to introduce topics related to start-up in training programs eitheir being optional or compulsory to suit with practical situation; increasing internship acctivities at enterprises for students, so that they can understand the production process and way of operation at enterprises as early as possible. 

Another objective and solution for the proposal is to support funds for programs and start-up projects of students. Specifically, universities, colleges and vocational schools can actively allocate fund from legal revenue resources (including resources from frequent expense, and scientific research for students) to support activities, ideas and start-up project of students. 

Establishing supporting fund for students to start-up from the social resoruces; supporting students to look for fund, and connect with investors including individuals, organizations for projects formed from start-up ideas of students. On the other hand, it is necessary to create favorable environment for students to start-up, such as the formation of student supporting center, career consulting service, supporting students of universities, colleges, institutes and vocational schools; forming start-up clubs at universities, colleges, institutes and vocational schools based on each sector and fields such as: business start-up, club on science and technological, auto mechanism, and especially is innovation start-up. 

​With this being said, innovation start-ups is the driving force of the innovation start-up ecosystem. Unlike commercial enterprises and traditional manufacturers, innovation start-ups have a high level of technology research and creativity. As such, innovation start-ups are often related to risks, but if start-ups can overcome this factor, it will bring high economic value in return.
Nguyen Tung
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