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Hanoi's foreign policies pave the way for the economic development

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The Hanoitimes - Before the opening of "Hanoi 2017 - Investment Co-operation & Development", Hanoitimes had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai - Deputy director of Hanoi Department of Foreign Affairs on the role of foreign policies in the economic development of Hanoi.
What are the contributions of Hanoi Department of Foreign Affairs in the preparation for the conference as well as the economic diplomacy in the future?
Expanding the success of the 2016 conference, "Hanoi 2017 - Investment Co-operation & Development"will play an vital role in the socioeconomic development of our capital city. On this year's conference, we will evaluate the results of the plants which were brought out from last year's meeting and introduce focused aim, category of funding projects of the 2017 to 2020 period, as well as discuss and find out solutions to develop Hanoi into a smart city.
"Meet Canada" conference - one of the trade and investment support activities that Hanoi Foreign Affair Department collaborate with
"Meet Canada" conference - one of the activities that Hanoi Department of Foreign Affair collaborate with related units to hold, with the aim to support foreign investors to Hanoi.

To prepare for this event, the Hanoi Department of Foreign Affairs has followed strictly to the instruction from the the city council. We continue supporting multinational corporations and companies in investigating collaboration opportunities in Hanoi. Besides, we also help operating some meetings between businesses to acknowledge the recent achievement in socioeconomic development of Hanoi and city’s favorable policies which aim to attract investment.
Since early 2017, the Department of Foreign Affairs has advised People's Committee on organizing investment promotion events, for example, "Meeting Canada”, “Smart City USA - Vietnam" with the participation of the Ministry of Trade and 18 leading US corporations. In the first 6 months of 2017, of the 97 international delegations who came to visit and learn about business cooperation and investment in Hanoi, there were some important guests. These activities have contributed to the understanding and integration with the international community of Hanoi. It has set the foundation for the economic partnership of Hanoi with international community.
How does the Department of Foreign Affairs collaborate with other departments in promoting economic and social cooperation, increasing investment, trade and tourism and building up the investment environment of Hanoi?
As the department in charge of diplomacy, we actively collaborates with other departments and agencies in organizing events to promote Hanoi’s economic, society and tourism.
Besides, the Department of Foreign Affairs has consulted the city to put more interest in promoting multilateral relationship in international forums such as the Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development, World Cities Summit, The General Assembly of the World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO) . One of our priority tasks is to promote economy, society and tourism as well as the image of Hanoi as a safe and potential investment  environment for both domestic and foreign enterprises.
Can you tell us the orientation and plan of  the Department of Foreign Affairs in promoting economic diplomacy in the future?
 Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai - Deputy director of Hanoi Department of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai - Deputy director of Hanoi Department of Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs Department identifies the economic diplomacy as the most important tasks. Therefore, we will continue to enhance the efficiency of bilateral and multilateral relations between Hanoi and other cities and international organizations 
By combining political and economic diplomatic relations, the Department will continue to successfully and effectively organize trips of the Hanoi’s leaders to create new cooperation programs. By studying  the strengths and potentialities of major capitals and cities in the world and international organizations, we could learn how to plan bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs. At the same time, we will continue to carry out investment promotion, trade and tourism in potential markets by working with Vietnamese embassies in foreign countries and diplomatic delegations to promote Hanoi’s investment environment, its favorable policies and economic integration scheme, besides, to increase the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Hanoi.
Tu Anh
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