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International Conference on solutions to traffic safety

Updated at Tuesday, 19 Sep 2017, 15:35
The Hanoitimes - 800 representatives including local and foreign experts, scientists have attended the International Conference on Traffic Safety in East Asia (EASTS 12) 2017 to look for traffic safety solutions.

On September 18, the National Traffic Safety Committee, Ministry of Transport and Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee have jointly organized the 12nd international conference on traffic safety in East Asia (EAST 12), with topic “Vision and Action Program for Safe, Green and Integrated Transport”. This is an occasion for experts and international scientists to discuss challenges on transport, at the same time to share solutions from successfully implemented projects. 

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Vice Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong said, Vietnam focuses on investment, construction and improvement of transport infrastructure, which significantly contributes to the socio-economic development. However, there remains shortcomings in Vietnam’s transportation, especially the infrastructure and the development of the public transport network.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem said, the conference has brought opportunities to look for transport solutions with high feasibility. As such, Ho Chi Minh city will solve challenges with regard to urban transport. Mr. Liem said: “Without the infrastructure and completed transportation network, Ho Chi Minh city cannot be special city, center of economy, culture, science and technology, the focal point for intercommunication and global integration”.

According to the Vice Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee Khuat Viet Hung, challenges for Vietnam’s transportation are numerous, of which the most recent one is created by industrial revolution 4.0. Major topics of the conference are being discussed including: traffic accident, traffic congestion, environment, health, transportation system with affordable expenses for citizens and enterprises. 

Vice Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong hoped and suggested scientists and transport experts of Vietnam to actively cooperate with colleagues from East Asia and all over the world in research and give proposals with high feasibility, with a view to realize transportation development objectives, as well as to deal with challenges in infrastructure development to ensure traffic safety, reduce traffic congestion and accidents. On the other side, Mr. Dong suggested international transport experts and scientists to improve cooperation and share experiences from countries all over the world, especially solutions to improve efficiency of state management in traffic safety; improve management and quality of technical specifications for transport vehicles. Afterwards, Ministry of Transport will instruct responsible departments of the ministry to review and research solutions, which is aimed to ensure high feasibility and efficiency for Vietnam transportation.

Through discussion, experts have given valuable recommendations for Vietnam’s transportation, in which includes master plan and construction, improving sustainable urban transportation, meeting the requirements for socio-economic development. The conference EASTS 12 consists of 40 different topics such as: master plan, construction, utilizing system, transportation services. In particular, experts and scientists have discussed in 110 sessions related to urgent matters which many cities are facing, including Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi.

EASTS 12 is expected to bring useful solutions for major cities in Vietnam: developing sate transportation system, green and integrated; efficient master plan and attract investment in urban railway development, manages individual transport vehicles in related to urban master plan; solutions to improve safety in road transport, and the trend for smart transportation.

EASTS 12 will continue until September 20, in which the focus will be integrated transport development in Asian cities, urban railway development and financial strategy. In the conference, there are also round discussions on sustainable transport development and urban railway. Besides, Vietnamese enterprises and in Asia have opportunity to introduce hi-tech products to managers, experts with big influence on transportation development in East Asia. 
Ngoc Thuy
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