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Sharing for the development of start-ups

Updated at Thursday, 21 Sep 2017, 19:19
The Hanoitimes - With the aim of being the start-up center, Hanoi has been supporting and accompanying start-ups in creating favorable conditions for their development, especially with IT enterprises.
Discussion in a start-up competition of the National Economics University in 2017.
Discussion in a start-up competition of the National Economics University in 2017.
With the development of start-up ecosystem in mind, the Hanoi Innovative Business Incubator of Information Technology - HBI-IT has been actively supporting IT enterprises in start-up process. Recently, Hanoi Department of Information & Communication has collaborated with Chungbuk Knowledge Industry Promotion Agency (CBKIPA) – Korea to joinly hold the conference “Connecting ICT Vietnamese - Korean enterprise”, which is served as platform for IT enterprises of the two countries to cooperate. According to marketing manager of Hanet company Vu Hoang Anh, despite having established for 10 years, but experience of the company in IT application for management is still limited. As such, the company want to have a simplified product with multi function, in which includes scheduling in weeks, months and days to manage works and events.

Meanwhile, through the introduction about a ongoing project, representative of UMI Technology and Education Company Pham Vu Linh said, the function of its product is to train students of all academic levels in computer programming from basic level to advanced level, so that they can apply their achievements in their normal life. This is also an opportunity for students to realize their potentials and teamwork. In particular, the expenses to realize ideas are quite low thanks to a network of global laboratories providing information and instruction videos. As such, students in rural areas can also access this product and share with friends.

In reality, Vietnamese enterprises look forward to cooperating with Korean enterprises with advantage of IT, which will be useful for them to finalize their products. This is also the platform for enterprises in two countries looking for partners and cooperate for development.

According to the President of CBKIPA Lee Don Woo, cooperating with Hanoi enterprises will be an opportunity for ICT Korean enterprises expanding the market, and pushing forward with investment in Vietnam. To support the enterprises of the two countries in IT cooperation, Vietnam and Korea may consider ICT projects. 

Hanoi set objectives of finalizing e-government by 2020; creating foundation for smart city. In order to achieve this target, Hanoi will prioritize supporting start-up enterprises in innovation and creativity with the objective of having 200,000 newly established enterprises, especially creative start-up enterprises. Director of Hanoi Department of Information & Technology Phan Lan Tu said, the cooperation with Korean enterprises will realize the above target and is the opportunity for Hanoi enterprises to develop and flourish. Through cooperation with Korean enterprises, the two sides will discuss solutions for developing potential products, which is expected to be introduced to the market soon, in turn contribute to the common goal of Hanoi. 
Nguyen Tung - Khac Kien
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