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Comprehensive plan for building Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone

Updated at Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017, 11:07
The Hanoitimes - The PM has recently approved a master plan for construction of Quang Tri province’s Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone (EZ) until 2035, with a vision to 2050.
The plan aims to build the zone into an area of vibrant and sustainable economic development and a centre for investment attraction and cargo transshipment in the region, while ensuring national defence and security.

Central Quang Tri province is prioritising investors who want to invest in highly efficient projects in local industrial parks and economic zones, particularly in Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone. The province is having its eyes on wind and solar power projects, as well as ports and airports.


According to Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Quan Chinh, Quang Tri has shifted towards large-scale and high-tech projects, restricting small-scale projects that take up too much land, or may face delays or harm the environment. It is calling for investment in Quang Tri Southeast Economic Zone and Lao Bao special economic zone to take advantage of the East-West Economic Corridor, Chinh said.

The province has also worked to improve local investment policies and enhance its competitiveness and business climate. It has authorised 27 projects worth a total 4.5 trillion VND (198 million USD) in the first nine months of 2017. Chief among these include the water supply facility in the Southeast Economic Zone, Huong Phung 1 wind power plant and Huong Phung and La To hydropower plants.

In addition, the economic zone will be developed into an area of breakthrough development creating an impetus for the province’s socio-economic development, with synchronous and modern infrastructure, civilized urban areas, sustainable environment and effective land use.

The planning scale of the zone covers 23,792 hectares, including the entire administrative boundaries of 17 communes and towns to the southeast of Quang Tri province, belong to Hai Lang, Trieu Phong and Gio Linh districts.

As oriented by 2050, the Southeast Quang Tri EZ will become a dynamic, modern and effective zone in the central region, in Viet Nam and in ASEAN; a gateway for international exchange to the East Sea of Viet Nam; and an area of sustainable and harmonious development, with attraction to investors, modern and synchronous infrastructure and beautiful urban landscapes.

The Southeast Quang Tri EZ features four development zones. Specifically, the zone no. 1, covering 11,469 hectares to the southeast of the EZ, is the key development area which is home to crucial projects of the entire EZ, including power centre, energy complex, industrial zones, urban areas, public services, administrative areas, deep-water seaport and non-tariff zones.

The zone no. 2, covering 2,221 hectares to the northeast of the Cua Viet River, develops coastal resort tourism services and the Cua Viet urban area, which focuses on developing supporting services for the central region of the EZ.

The zone no. 3, covering 3,400 hectares to the northwest of the Cua Viet River, develops a regional-level infrastructure hub, with Quang Tri Airport as its focus, and luxurious services.

The zone no. 4, covering 6,702 hectares to the west of the EZ (closely connected to National Highway 49C), is an area for high-tech agriculture development and a reserve area for expanding the core region and stabilizing existing residential areas.

Under the plan, the Southeast Quang Tri EZ will focus on shifting agricultural production into manufacturing high-quality, high-tech and clean commodities associated with the application of scientific and technological advances; developing the models of farms and integrated farms; implementing measures to deal with environmental pollution; and combining farming production with the processing industry and the trade sector to ensure the consumption of farm produce.

Concerning forestry, mangroves will be zoned to be protected, preserve the environment and serve tourism. Meanwhile, the EZ will also zone the areas of forests serving resettlement areas associated with forest planting in Hai An, Hai Khe and Hai Duong communes.

Concerning trade and services, a first-class shopping centre will be built at the public centre in Trieu Lang commune, while a supermarket will be constructed to the south of Cua Viet town. The building of new commercial routes and streets is also under the plan.

In addition, traditional markets in communes will be upgraded, focusing on the areas purchasing farming products, along with the establishment of a network of shopping malls, general services, trade cooperatives, retail markets, convenience stores and grocery stores.

The plan also includes the formation of a logistics area, near seaports, for goods transshipment, and the establishment of a network of regional shopping and wholesale centres (20 hectares per centre).
Tuan Minh
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