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Opportunities in Argentina’s cassava trade

Updated at Friday, 30 Jan 2015, 15:19
The Hanoitimes - The American Market Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) sees huge opportunities to export cassava to the Argentine market in the coming time.

The department revealed that its market research indicates Argentina has a great demand for the consumption of cassava due to lack of cultivation zones.


Annually, Argentina imports nearly 300,000 tonnes of it to complement production of its key exports of soy beans, oats, sunflower seeds, corn, rice and cotton. Last year, the South American country imported some 250,000 tonnes of cassava worth an estimated US$3 million.

Vietnam’s exports of cassava to Argentina in recent years have been modest, estimated at just 153 tonnes last year.

Despite difficulties such as high import tax and geographical distance, the MoIT sees bright prospects for the export of cassava and thinks Vietnam can be competitive in the market.

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