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Vietnamese Ao Dai becomes "specialty" of Hanoi tourism

Updated at Thursday, 26 Jan 2017, 10:03
The Hanoitimes - Hanoi Tourism Department has officially announced Lan Huong Fashion House, located at 18 Au Co Street, Hanoi, is well-qualified to serve tourists and become a Space for Vietnamese Ao Dai.
This is the sweet fruit of Hanoi’s lovers and promises to bring a new experience space for residents, as well as domestic and international tourists.

According to Mr. Do Dinh Hong, Director of Hanoi Tourism Department, this is the first time a fashion shop in the city of Hanoi has been awarded this honor. It is the result of the efforts and tirelessly creativity to create tourism products with specific characteristics, basing on the exploitation of traditional cultural values.



This is also a remarkable effort of the Ao Dai designer, Hanoi’s artisans Lan Huong. She has made an effort to create a space for experiencing the unique culture tourism in Hanoi in the field of fashion and art.

"Space for Vietnamese Ao Dai" with an exhibition combining on-demand demonstrations of artisans from craft villages such as silk farming village of My Duc, Van Phuc silk village, Quat Dong embroidery, silver carving villages of Dinh Cong - Dong Xam, Bat Trang pottery, Trieu Khuc weaving, Chuong Village conical hats and so on.

"Space for Vietnamese Ao Dai" was born from the encounter among Hanoi’s lovers, who love a Hanoi of ancient tradition with Cau Go Street used to be the home to many Ao Dai shops sharing the word "Trach".

Accordingly, many years ago, Trach Xa Ao Dai village (Ung Hoa District, Hanoi) has been cherished the idea of ​​setting Ao Dai to be Hanoi’s tourism product. To build the model of the tour "Hanoi’s Ao Dai", that is unique and attractive, and aim to make Hanoi become the center of fashion in the future.

So far, the idea has become a reality with the first step is organizing Hanoi’s Ao Dai Festival 2016. Since a long time, designer Lan Huong, the first one has been awarded the Vietnamese Ao Dai Artisan, is devoted her love for the traditional Ao Dai. She and her husband, photographer Hoang Hieu, have hatched to build a museum of Ao Dai. 

However, the artist who is always interested in creating art hasn’t imagined that to possess a space as imagined, what needs to be done. Until the survey team of Hanoi Tourism Department worked with fashion shops in the area to find destination for tour "Hanoi’s Ao Dai", the new ideas have a chance to meet each other, and step by step "to bear flowering and fruiting";

Coming to Lan Huong Fashion House, Malaysian cultural exchange delegation led by Malaysian Royal Princess Bang Teregganu displayed Malaysian outfit collection. And before that, Princess Bang Teregganu were taught embroidery by artist Lan Huong. Although being an exellent embroiderer, the Princess shared that she quite confused when making embroidery on silk instead of cotton. The Princess expressed her expectation to stay in Vietnam for one month to learn the method of weaving Van Phuc silk, Hanoi.

The success of this activity shows that "Space for Vietnamese Ao Dai" promises to be the ideal location for extending operation of the units belonging to Hanoi People's Committee and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the exchanges of tourism, culture with other countries in the world.

Hanoi Tourism Department hopes that after each official announcement and like this, Lan Huong Fashion House will be an attractive destination and cannot be ignored in journey of Hanoi discovery by both domestic and international tourists. Then, Ao Dai will be the key to create the attraction for the Capital’s tourism.
Translated by Tuan Minh
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