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Walking street, night-out street: The tourist attraction of the Capital

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The Hanoitimes - Lively but not too noisy, Hanoi’s Pedestrian Street is crowded but retains the featured of Sword Lake - the quietness, serenity. Visiting the pedestrian street, young people are looking for the bustle, crowded, while older people still find quiet corners, quiet intervals for nostalgia.
Experiencing traditional games on the pedestrian street
Experiencing traditional games on the pedestrian street

Hanoi Pedestrian Street is deployed from September 1, 2016 and applying from 19h to 24h in weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), that is applied to 16 streets around Hanoi old quarter. To create favorable conditions for residents and visitors, the Hanoi Department of Transport has allocated 78 stops for keeping cars, motorcycles, bicycles with an area of over 17,000 m2, accommodating 87 passenger cars, trucks; 600 cars and more than 2,700 bicycles, motorcycles to serve people to walk around Sword Lake.

Once deployed, Pedestrian Street becomes a favourite meeting place of Hanoians when assembling into a wide variety of traditional art from modern to ancient drum dance, dragon dance, chau van singing to modern dance, with the participation of the masses if you feel interested. This is also a favorite spot of the young people living in Hanoi to create space so that they can show off their talents, gathered and an ideal location for group meetings. Besides, joining a pedestrian street, the young, children can participate in familiar folk games such tugging, catching each other, paint ingmask and so on.

Joining the promenade, the foreign visitors also prove extremely excited because of fancy games, as well as the beloved image of Sword Lake and Hanoians’ friendliness.

Walking street around Sword Lake is the ideal space to take photos
Walking street around Sword Lake is the ideal space to take photos

Visiting Hanoi’s pedestrian street, tourists can also visit Ta Hien Street to sip a few beers with friends or to the old town’s night market to watch the noisiness and weird of the old town, as well as enjoying familiar dishes of Hanoi, buying a small memento for a reasonable price.

The old town’s night market is also a specialty of the city connected with walking street. Night Market is held from 18h to 23h in the evening of Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a length of nearly 3km through old houses, starting from Hang Dao Street to Dong Xuan market gate. The night market makes the old quarter crowded, noisy and more boisterous. Everywhere here also sees buyers, sellers, from jewelry, handicrafts to handmade pretty small electronic devices, home appliances, to the familiar dishes of Hanoi.

With the participation of nearly 4,000 booths, the items here are diversified with affordable prices. This is also the attraction for a large amount of visitors to Hanoi at weekends, and become the place that cannot be missed by travelers when visiting Hanoi.

No traffic noise, no dust, Hanoi’s Pedestrian Street is warmer in the winter days when witnessing the interference of many colorful cultures since ancient time to the modern time, from east to west. If you are not an extrovert, you can still find a small corner around this neighborhood to watch the tranquil lake, people walking aroun and the streets.

Exploring the city’s walking street, you will encounter a Hanoi old quarter that is both close in the lifestyle of the people and modern, dear of the youth, of the new city with many changes, development.  
Translated by Anh Kiet
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