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Back to childhood on walking street

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The Hanoitimes - Any tourists coming to walking streets around Hoan Kiem Lake are attracted by traditional games such as rope jumping, Mandarin Square Capturing, tug of war, etc. together with young people in MyHanoi club.
Not only creating more vitality to the street, this activity also brings visitors exciting experiences when being back to childhood – that may not be bought by money however much.
Preserving Hanoi cultural beauty
Seeing the boy born in 1985 - Ngo Quy Duc - Chairman of MyHanoi club in a sunny Sunday afternoon on a walking street. While observing tourists, he imperturbably said: "The purpose of MyHanoi is to launch and implement the programs related to the preservation and development of cultural beauty and values of Hanoi; help communities, particularly young people have a better understanding of a capital steeped in thousands of years of civilization. Therefore, we have carried out the project "Memories of my childhood" to help young people closer to the folk games ".

Illustrative image
Illustrative image
The activities done by the young boy under the Ox and volunteers of MyHanoi are extremely meaningful. Because nowadays many people, especially children no longer play, even do not know folk games. Merely with some "props" such as rope, a few round bamboo sticks or some pebbles, etc., however the games such as rope jumping, bamboo jacks, Mandarin Square Capturing, tug of war, etc. have strange attraction. It is easy to see at this corner of walking street the boys or girls laughing comfortably following the turning rhythm of the jumping rope ring; the adults, even foreigners sitting on a tiled courtyard to toss ball or pick up sticks; and the middle-aged people interested in counting pebbles in the Mandarin Squares, etc. Mr. Duc is honest with a joy that the facing people themselves also feel his passion: "When entering the game, the players seem to forget the time and space". Even "the Chairman” of the Club also forgets to eat and sleep with the game in the corner of walking streets. Several months before the opening of walking streets, Mr. Duc and volunteers of MyHanoi forgot themselves in “pilot” folk games at the square in front of Ly Thai To Monument. Then when the walking street organized the festival, they spent all their possible time for t bamboo jacks, tug of war, and Mandarin Square Capturing filled with attraction.
The elderly and children feel excited
Obviously, the attraction of folk games in contemporary life never fades. After participating in the games, Le Thuy Tra - Students in grades 11, Chu Van An High School, Hanoi excitedly said: "Thanks to the walking street, I got to know and play the Mandarin Square Capturing. I felt extremely excited to join the game". Even the elderly also cannot resist the appeal of this memory game.
Ms Trinh Bich Thuy (50 years in Long Bien district) moved to say that: "about 40 years ago, also in autumn afternoons like this, we used to play rope jumping without parents’ allowance, bamboo sticks, shooting marbles, skite dropping, etc.
Photo for illustration
Photo for illustration
Whether in the small village corner or on the dyke, there was boisterous laughter. Seeing children playing rope jumping, Mandarin Square Capturing, etc., childhood memories come back to my memory, etc.” And not only bring great experience, folk games is a bridge to connect tourists with Hanoi people. After participating in rope jumping, Mr. David Tay (47 years old, coming from Singapore) said: "The folk games are interesting and effective in community cohesion. I feel that Hanoi people are very friendly and hospitable."
Thereby, we can see the meaning of brining the folk games back to the life. And helping young children understand and come back with traditional games is essential. Therefore, however busy from early morning to late evening, the young people of MyHanoi are still infatuated with gravels, rope and bamboo sticks. "Over the weekend, the whole team went from early morning to late night and came back with blistered hands and hoarse voice and sometime uncontrollable because of too crowded players. Even the tug of war lasts from 4 pm to 10 pm without any stop for a second, but it's time to stop, everyone feel regretful. We are really happy to see people excited "- Mr. Duc talked. It's so happy because there are still so many young people excited and devoted to folk games in such way.
Translated by Anh Dat
Source: Bui
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